Bossy & Selfish in Ecuador

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Oriental Pollock

Behind Butchart (Gardens), Victoria, B.C.

Orchids of Ecuador
Orchids of Ecuador
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Architecture of Ecuador
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At the Market
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Bossy & Selfish Cartoons

Bossy Thinks Out Loud
Bossy Just Knows
Princess Puts All Into Perspective
Selfish Ends the Conversation
Bossy & Selfish Fit in with the Crowd
Bossy Reiterates
Bossy is Less Than Gracious
Bossy Gets Over Analysed
Bossy Wonders About 11/1/11
Selfish is Unusually Honest
Bossy & Selfish Take a Holiday
Selfish Wishes He Hadn't Asked
Bossy Worries About Full Moon
Bossy Gets Put Into Her Place

Bossy Wonders Again
Selfish Declines to Answer
Bossy Finally Gives In
Bossy & Selfish Launch the Bug
Bossy Worries Too Much
Bossy's In Trouble Again
Selfish Manages to Respond Respectfully
Bossy Worries Some More
This Time, Princess is Confused
Bossy Resists
Bossy, Selfish & Princess All Have a Bad Day
Bossy et al Are Bugged
Selfish Explains
Bossy Reasons
Selfish Hopes
Bossy Gets Grumpy
Bossy & Selfish Go to the Park
Selfish is Brutally Honest
Princess' Pillows of Pout
Selfish Seeks a Definition
Bossy is Concerned
Bossy Hoards
Bossy Continues to Hate Cars
Bossy Advises She's an Artist not a Scientist
Has Bossy Mentioned she Hates Cars?
Bossy Spots Irony Once Again
Bossy Thinks Out Loud
Selfish Has to Ask 
Princess is Traumatized
Bossy Does the Ecuador Count Down
Selfish Comforts
Selfish Talks to the Traffic
Bossy Says: "Dios Mio!"
Bossy Misses the Boat
Bossy Asks
Selfish is Speechless
Bossy Doesn't Miss Wearing Four Pairs of Socks
Bossy Marvels
Princess Gets Surreal
Selfish & Princess Both Think: "Oh Oh!"

Bossy's Got a Habit
Bossy's Disgruntled
Bossy says, "That's it!"
Bossy Imparts a TidBit of Information
Selfish Gets Off the Hook
Bossy Wins
Selfish Agrees
Selfish Responds Mildly
Bossy is Chastened
Bossy Reminisces
Bossy Loses Her Mind
There's Just No Pleasing Bossy
Princess Thinks That's Wise
Bossy Laughed & Laughed & Laughed
Bossy Purrs
Bossy & Selfish Evenly Allocate Worries
Bossy Complains
Selfish Makes Bossy Laugh
Bossy & Selfish Display Co-Dependence (Not)
Selfish is Very Close to Speechless Once Again
Princess Conjectures
Bossy says: "It's a conspiracy of one."
Bossy Lets Off Steam
Princess Hurts Her Foot
Bossy Shows Off
Bossy Continues to be Somewhat Cranky
Princess Has a Problem
Princess Has an Opinion
Selfish is Grumpy
Bossy Laments Space
Bossy, Selfish & Princess on a Sunday Drive
Selfish Objects & Bossy Amends her Statement
Bossy is Contrite
Princess May be Smarter Than Bossy & Selfish Think
And Then Selfish Laughed & Laughed & Laughed
Princess' Belief System
Princess is Not Fond of Bath Day
Bossy Quits Facebook
Princess Doesn't Have a Problem
Princess Questions Authority
Bossy & Selfish Need a Haircut

Bossy Has Fully Acclimated Herself
Princess Mildly Complains
Bossy's Not Bossy Enough
Bossy Gets Nervous
Princess Sets Bossy & Selfish Straight
Bossy Gets Sick
Bossy's Still Sick
Bossy Finally Starts to Feel Better
Bossy's Feeling the Chill
Princess is Relieved
Princess is Just a Tad Cynical
Bossy Goes to the Dentist
Bossy asks Selfish to Think about Vancouver
Warning: Bossy Hates Meaningless Competition. It Makes Her Testy
Bossy Makes an Observation
Selfish Laughs
Bossy Notes: Princess Pretty Much Keeps Her Thoughts to Herself
This Time Selfish Laughs in Spite of Himself
At Least Princess was Amused
However Princess got a Bit Grumpy
Secretly Princess Thinks She's the Coolest
Both Bossy & Selfish Seem Calm However
Selfish Voices No Opinion
Princess Doesn't Agree
Princess Wants to Go Home
Even Princess was Pleased in The End
Bossy Keeps Embarrassing Herself
But Afterwards, For No Reason, Bossy Felt Like Crying
Once Again... Princess is Confused
Bossy is Indignant
Bossy, Selfish & Princess Have a Cozy Evening at Home
Both Selfish & Princess Try and Play Dumb
Princess Feels Just a Tad Insecure
Princess Feels Concern
Princess Questions the Sanity of Bossy & Selfish (Especially Bossy)
Bossy & Selfish Compare Notes
Bossy & Selfish Come to a Compromise
Princess Approves of the New Car
Princess Has No Doubts
Selfish Complains
Selfish Doesn't Think It's Funny
Selfish Doesn't Necessarily Agree
Bossy Puts her Pretty Little Foot Down
Bossy Poses an Unanswerable Question
Princess is Trepidatious
Bossy is Cranky Yet Again
Selfish Reassures
Bossy Points Something Out
Selfish Asks Bossy if She ever Misses Canadian Winter

Selfish Guffaws!
Princess Disagrees with Selfish
Selfish Points Out a Statistic
Princess Totally Agrees
What a Surprise! Bossy's Complaining Yet Again
Bossy Just Can't Shut Up
Bossy Can Change
No Big Surprise… Bossy's Ranting Again

Princess Sets Stipulations
Bossy Figures "It" Out
Bossy Huffs
Both Selfish & Princess Heartily Agree with Bossy (For a Change)
Selfish Almost Gets Nostalgic
And then Selfish Quietly & Soberly Advises Bossy Regarding her  Problem
Princess Grumbles
Selfish Comes to His Senses
Princess Understands Even if Selfish Doesn't
Princess Discovers She is Not a Night Dog
And Once Again, Selfish Chastises Bossy for Over Thinking
Bossy Just Wants a Quiet Day
Bossy Momentarily Frightens a Stranger
And Then Later On Selfish Suggested: "Maybe you reminded him of his ex-wife?"
Selfish is all Civilized when he Answers Bossy Question
Bossy's Had a Bad Couple of Days
Princess Points Out the Obvious
It Never Ceases to Disturb Bossy & Selfish
There are Few Things Princess Likes Better
Even Princess Knows...

Bossy Gets Her Hair Cut
Princess Knows...
Bossy & Selfish Go Grocery Shopping for an Hour
Princess Has No Idea What's Going On
Bossy's Almost Unconsolable
And then Bossy Laughed and Laughed and Laughed and Laughed
Bossy's a Bit Cranky because the Weather's Coolish
Bossy Feels Like She's Knocking her Head Against the Wall
Bossy Thought Maybe...
Princess Rushes to Bossy's Defence
Princess is Conflicted
Once Again, Poor Princess is Confused
Princess Doesn't Get "It"
Bossy Thinks They Look Fabulous
Bossy is Beside Herself
Bossy Needs a Time Out
Princess Takes Advantage of the Situation
Selfish is Careful Not to Comment
Bossy Can Be Spontaneous
"But Why!?" Bossy Wailed. "Why!?"
Despite Being Annoyed, Bossy Still Had to Laugh

Bossy & Selfish Get a New (to them) Computer
First Bossy Complained and then She Laughed and Laughed and Laughed
Bossy Makes an Observation
Princess Feels Just a Tad Superior
What a Surprise! Bossy is Railing Again...
Bossy Rambles On (Just a Bit...)
Will Bossy Never Stop Complaining about Something?!
Bossy's Almost Homesick
Princess Isn't Sure She Shouldn't Be Jealous.
Bossy Gets Confused in Cross Culture
Once Again Bossy Rejoices at Ecuadorian Winter
Princess Has a Point
Princess is Just a Tad Concerned
Turns Out Even Princess is a Bit Cynical
Princess's Job Gets Harder when the Lights Go Out
Bossy, Selfish & Princess are Out & About Enjoying Ecuador
Both Bossy & Selfish at Least Try to be Helpful
Bossy & Princess Are in Agreement
Bossy Displays Canadian Humour
Bossy & Selfish Don't Necessarily Agree with Princess's Definition of Roughing It
Princess Has Other Priorities
Bossy Observes
Bossy Lovingly Mocks Selfish
Princess is Blah about Spring
Selfish is Indulgent While Princess is Indignant
Princess Jumps the Gun
Selfish Can't Believe "It"
Once Again Bossy Puts Her Pretty Little Foot Down
Princess Just Does Not Have a Multi-Dimensional Thought Process
Even Princess Had to Roll Her Eyes
What Bossy & Selfish Imagine their Children Do Every Year Around Lunar New Year
Bossy Gushes
Selfish Provides Advice
Selfish Annoys Princess
Selfish Feels Remarkably Frisky
Princess has a Bit of a Hard Time with Sarcasm
Selfish has to Reassure Bossy
Bossy Continues on an Old Rant
Bossy Lets Her Mind Wander
Selfish Attempts to Murder Bossy
Bossy Makes an Observation
Princess is Grateful
Selfish Bowls Bossy Over
Efficient Ways to Make Princesses Happy
"But..." Princess thought... "She did have a rather nice lap"

Princess Shares Her Feelings
Selfish Requires Some Technical Advic
Princess Doesn't See Anything Funny but Just Might be a Bit Weirded Out
Princess Isn't Fooling Anybody
Selfish Makes a Crack
Bossy Only Smiles Enigmatically
Selfish & Princess Work Really Hard Not to Roll their Eyes
Bossy Trips
Princess Simply Does Not Like Puppy Eating Dragons
Bossy & Selfish Joke Compare Canada & Ecuador
Bossy Takes a Selfie
Bossy & Selfish Spy on Princess
Then Bossy Laughed so Hard she Choked
And then Bossy Watched the Man Actually Shudder
Princess Isn’t Taking Any Bets
Bossy & Selfish Stop Off at Feria Libre
Bossy & Princess Are in Agreement
"What a Coincidence!" Selfish agrees.
In The End, Bossy Had to Draw a Diagram
Selfish Has a Dream Come True
And What Could Bossy Do, but Laugh Some More?
Bossy Makes a Request
Bossy, Selfish & Princess Reach Consensus
Bossy, Selfish & Princess Go for a Drive Through the Cajas
Selfish Protests
Selfish Wonders Out Loud
"But that's how Old People talk!" Bossy wailed.
Bossy & Selfish Go to a Restaurant But Poor Princess Has to Stay at Home
Princess Goes to the Vet
Princess Gets a Visitor
Bossy's Not the Only Darling in the House
Bossy Has the Strangest Dream
Bossy, Selfish & Princess Take a Drive to El Cajas National Park
Bossy Asked a Question She Shouldn't Have
Bossy's Confused Yet Again (Go Figure?)
Selfish Explains
Note: The Caption on Bossy's Dress Reads "Too Fat to Fly"
Selfish Wants to Know
Bossy Continues to Talk to Herself
Princess Watching the Entire Procedure
Princess Thinks That's Quite Appropriate
Selfish Makes a Suggestion
Selfish is Brave
Princess Doesn't Wait for an Answer
Two Days Later Selfish Will Have No Idea What Hit Him
Bossy is Speechless

Bossy Imagines
Out of the Blue Bossy Remembers Ecuador's Earthquake 2016
Bossy's Concerned
Selfish Tries to be Helpful
Selfish is Too Quick to Speak
Selfish Goes Through Heck
Bossy Has a Restless Night
Princess Just Knows One Has to be Patient
Bossy's Got a Great Book!
Bossy & Selfish Fold the Laundry
Selfish On The Air
Selfish Has a Weird Dream
Princess Sucks in Bossy Yet Again
Selfish Can't Help Himself
Selfish Wonders If It's an "Old" Thing
Selfish Proves to be Prescient
Princess Feels Left Out

Princess Agrees (although she really has no idea what they're talking about)
Selfish Thinks It's Amusing
Princess Sherlock's Unsolved Mystery
Princess Knows
Bossy & Princess Disagree
Bossy's Feeling Sorry for Herself
Princess Doesn't See the Problem
Princess’s Only Comment is to Roll Her Eyes
Selfish & Princess Heartily Agree with Bossy
Princess is Affronted
Bossy, Selfish & Friends Indulge in Old People Talk
Bossy is Inconsolable
Bossy's Sick
Bossy (et al) Observes as Realities Overlap
Bossy Remembers & Reminds
Princess Has a Pet Peeve
Selfish Has a Pet Peeve
Bossy Has a Pet Peeve Too
Selfish Beams Up To the Doctor's Office
Princess Explains She Needs Her Exercise to Keep Her Girlish Figure
Princess Gets Stressed

Bossy Dreams
Who Knew That Princess...?
Bossy Longs
Bossy Learns Chinese in Ecuador
Bossy et al Have Hay Fever
Princess Knows Her Own Mind
Bossy Observes a Very Important Man
Next... Selfish shouts: "Duck!"
Bossy is Not Amused
Selfish Has an Idea
Princess Goes All Surreal Again
Princess Complains

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Do Some Contemplating

Bossy's Somewhat Anxious
Princess Knows What's Really Humorous
...And Then Selfish Responded: "Hoho, hoho, hoho"
Selfish Gets Attacked!
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