Bossy & Selfish Cartoons (After Year Two)

Bossy's Got a Habit

Bossy's Disgruntled

Bossy says, "That's it!"

Bossy Imparts a TidBit of Information

Selfish Gets Off the Hook

Bossy Wins

Selfish Agrees

Selfish Responds Mildly

Bossy is Chastened

Bossy Reminisces

Bossy Loses Her Mind

There's Just No Pleasing Bossy

Princess Thinks That's Wise

Bossy Laughed & Laughed & Laughed

Bossy Purrs

Bossy & Selfish Evenly Allocate Worries

Bossy Complains

Selfish Makes Bossy Laugh

Bossy & Selfish Display Co-Dependence (Not)

Selfish is Very Close to Speechless Once Again

Princess Conjectures

Bossy says: "It's a conspiracy of one."

Bossy Lets Off Steam

Princess Hurts Her Foot

Bossy Shows Off

Bossy Continues to be Somewhat Cranky

Princess Has a Problem

Princess Has an Opinion

Selfish is Grumpy

Bossy Laments Space

Bossy, Selfish & Princess on a Sunday Drive

Selfish Objects & Bossy Amends her Statement

Bossy is Contrite

Princess May be Smarter Than Bossy & Selfish Think

And Then Selfish Laughed & Laughed & Laughed

Princess' Belief System

Princess is Not Fond of Bath Day

Bossy Quits Facebook

Princess Doesn't Have a Problem

Princess Questions Authority

Bossy & Selfish Need a Haircut

Black Bamboo


Majestic Mushroom

Chaos is a Friend of Mine

Mrs. Crow

Mr. & Mrs. Crow

Multiple Crows

Trippy Dowager

In Vilcabamba

In Desolation 
(Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada)

In the Forest

Heart of Darkness

Psycho Caterpillar

Land's Ocean