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This is Crap

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Go for a Small Holiday to the Yunguilla Valley

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Bossy & Selfish's Trip to the Oriente

Road Trip: Cuenca, Ecuador to Salinas and San Pablo, Ecuador

The Befuddled Leading the Stubborn

Regarding the Title of the Video: It is not an unusual situation, when the Befuddled are leading the Stubborn, for everyone to get lost. 
While this provides "high entertainment", it also can cause some stress. There is no solution...

And yes... the entire time Bossy, Selfish & Princess were at the Coast the skies were overcast. This did not change (except for a brief 5 
minute period during the middle of their stay) until they drove into home territory. 

Lastly... despite what "some" may think, Bossy & Selfish had a wonderful holiday! Princess was a tad ruffled however, by the 
whole thing -- you know -- having to be on alert, guarding the pack the whole time.

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Go On a Three Day Tour

Between the Three of Them, Bossy, Selfish & Princess, They Seem to have Weird Covered (and again... What's with the Crow?)

Bossy: When I'm doing housework, or am alone, or am lonely - I listen to music (and see the world as presented by mostly young people, longing for something/anything better).

Selfish: When I'm idle or alone or lonely - I watch the news (and see the world as presented by people with money, good looks, intelligence or luck, pushing their hidden insular agenda).

Princess: When I am alone - I watch the door (and see the world in a hope that soon my whole life will return).

Bossy & Selfish Stop Off at Feria Libre