Ecuador is Now Home for Bossy, Selfish & (of course) Princess

Bossy Imagines

Out of the Blue Bossy Remembers Ecuador's Earthquake 2016

Bossy's Concerned

Selfish Tries to be Helpful

Selfish is Too Quick to Speak

Selfish Goes Through Heck

Bossy Has a Restless Night

Princess Just Knows One Has to be Patient

Bossy's Got a Great Book!

Bossy & Selfish Fold the Laundry

Selfish On The Air

Selfish Has a Weird Dream

Princess Sucks in Bossy Yet Again

Selfish Can't Help Himself

Selfish Wonders If It's an "Old" Thing

Selfish Proves to be Prescient

Princess Feels Left Out

Ant Feast

Murder of Crows

With a Third Eye

Trying to Palm it Off

Sunflowers in a Vase

Just Restless

Always Sailing Towards the Horizon

Emoji Bloom

Simply a Ripple in Time

Faced with Indecision


Multi Faceted

Growing Wild