Out with the Old and In with the New

Princess Agrees (although she really has no idea what they're talking about)

Selfish Thinks It's Amusing

Princess Sherlock's Unsolved Mystery
...and the scrubby was never found...

"I still get a treat though... right?"  
Princess Sherlock made sure. 


Princess Knows

Bossy & Princess Disagree

Bossy's Feeling Sorry for Herself

Princess Doesn't See the Problem

Princess’s Only Comment is to Roll Her Eyes

Selfish & Princess Heartily Agree with Bossy

Princess is Affronted

Bossy, Selfish & Friends Indulge in Old People Talk

Bossy is Inconsolable

Bossy's Sick

Bossy (et al) Observes as Realities Overlap
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The Winker

Bad Day



Embrace of the Serpent

Foliage in the Cajas

Artsy Princess

3'd & glitched