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Rocks on the Road

It's easy.

I've given myself an outline of notes.

Write a story about the Rocks on the Road

    •    And The Depression

    •    And The Mine

    •    And Hitler

    •    And Holocaust

    •    And World War II

    •    And Hiroshima

    •    And Todd Rundgren

    •    And The-Man-Who-Used-To-Beat-Me The-Man-Who-Used-To-Feat-Me The-Man-Who-Used-To-Heat-Me The-Man-Who-Used-To-Meat-Me The-Man-Who-Used-To-Neat-Me The-Man-Who-Used-To-Peat-Me The-Man-Who-Used-To-Seat-Me.

It's linear.

Piece of cake.

Who's gunna buy it though?