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Wildlife I Saw on My Canadian Cruising Vacation in the Gulf Islands

  • Lots of seals; one time a Mama and her baby
  • A flock of mallard ducks
  • A couple of lone herons
  • Several flocks as well as several lone eagles
  • Three pugs; one a barker
  • Tons of Canadian Geese
  • Four dragon flies
  • Multiple murders of crows
  • One tiny island deer; it stood in the Forest still, except for its     flickering ears, and watched Fred and I as we stood in the Forest still too
  • Two Jack Russell's
  • One small rodent; probably a mouse; maybe a small rat
  • Two white winged black ducks
  • Three dolphins
  • A pod of killer whales
  • Several long necked Chinese black duck birds; ie cormorants
  • A multitude of jelly fish
  • One woodpecker
  • A very tasty salmon thrown to us from a friend's fish boat
  • One raccoon
  • A seagull who spoke like a crow and a crow that spoke like a seagull
  • Millions of tiny sand crabs


       • Lots and lots of 'Mericans