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Going Downhill Fast

There Really Are Alternate


There came another time
An alternate reality
In which I was accused…

(righteous fingers pointed at me, cruel laughs heard in the dark twisting corridors of mind)

…of being bitter

I got out my dictionary and looked up bitter

"Causing, showing or feeling mental pain or resentment"

I was forced to escape.

Bread And Circuses

Bread and circuses

Union wages and video games

There are no answers that can be provided

No equitable treatment governed

But we don’t want to hear that

We want perfection given to us

On a silver platter 

With a side of grapes

People Traps

My oldest daughter once asked me
“Give me some man traps Mom?
You know”, she said, “How a woman will ask.
Do you think I’m fat?”
It’s a skill-testing question.
“That’s a woman trap Mom”, she told me
“Give me some man traps?”

I told my daughter, “Dear
It’s not man traps or woman traps
It’s people traps.
“People trapping themselves in moments in time
In places they wish
Didn’t be.”

It wasn’t a very satisfying discussion
For my daughter
Or myself
She wanted trite, off the cuff remarks
To throw at a young man she was flirting with
And I wanted to give her
Pearls of wisdom

Neither one of us ended up with what we wanted

Flick a Switch