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The Quiet before the Storm

Raining Wednesdays

It's raining Wednesdays

Quiet Wednesdays

Thoughtful Wednesdays

Subdued Wednesdays

Remembering Wednesdays

Patterns on the ground 

Circles of random Wednesdays

After We Turn the Engine Off

After we turn the engine off

After we've been travelling for some time

When everything's gotten quiet

When we're at anchor

I can hear time and sometimes rain

Falling on the wheelhouse roof

You Bitch!

"I'm not trying to categorize you or anything", she said, "It's just that people who have got it, really flaunt it." 

I was on a walk with Ripley the Wonder Dog, and I overheard this snipit of conversation as Ripley and I passed two young women walking their dog.

"How do you react to a sentence like that?

"You conniving, manipulative, over self-estimating bitch!" is the only "proper" response and then you continue...

To begin with
The mere matter
That you first pointed out
That what you were about to say
Could possibly be thought of as a categorization
And that I might think there was a possibility
May have been attempting to place
Points out quite clearly
Your Mind
Thank you. Good day.

Always be polite.


She sits on an unroofed bench

Perched on a book inside a freezer bag

It's lightly raining

In front of her cars are lined up at a light

They're stretched down the street farther than anyone can see

It's early fall

Some, maybe most of those people in their cars in that line

Are cursing the light, cursing the rain, cursing the backup

It's almost twilight

She sits perched on a freezer bagged book waiting for a bus

There's a rainbow arching through the sky beyond the cars

Much honking is going on

She's watching the cars, listening to the honking, admiring the sky

Sketching in a damp little book

This is Crap ‎(The Video)‎ See Below for the Words

This Is Crap

The theory is first there's chaos

Then, as things settle down, you have 

"Controlled chaos" 

As more time passes

As things settle 

To the bottom 

Then you have entropy

At entropy you have succeeded in decay

It's a visual

Decay working it's way through the fabric of entropy 

Until eventually

It falls through

Out to the other side

And turns into chaos again

Rock a bye Baby 
On the Tree Top

You can see this theory at work in 





And relationships

You extend the theory to study and understand 


Some societies, governments, systems, relationships

Succeed longer than others 

And you find it's the ability 

To control 

The chaos 

Control it in such a way that the inevitable entropy 

The wearing through of the fabric 
Is delayed

Keep the chaos going

But in a controlled manner

Or is it the other way round?

Hard Feelings