Voices from Beyond

A.D. Dodger aka Ivanovitch
   Summer Notes Continually Objecting
   Cabin Fever

Fred Farkle
   Joy to the World
   Logging the Storm

Nancy Ogden Justice
   An Announcement from the Interior Department of
      Hardwareland People

Adam Tod Leverton   
    Among the Ruins

Charles E.J. Moulton 
   Memories of a Muffled Trumpet

Kent Nerburn
    The Cab Ride I’ll Never Forget

Miles Reeves   

    Dead Things in Ecuador

Chris Roe
   If Time Were Mine
   Eternal Journey
   Silent Flight
   Sacred Truth
   In Search of Silence

    (Drawings & Paintings)

George Sparling
    Repressive Desublimators and Me
    Going the Distance
    Girl Crazy
    The Comeback
    The Spear
    The Soloist
    I, Wincer

Symbol that can be pronounced Dennis J. Vance but looks like a Pie Face
    Dancing for Food
    Back by Popular Belief
    Illusions on the Horizon

Kate Thorburn

Jerry Vilhotti
   Suffer the Children
   Words from the Sky
   Let a Smile Be
   Sea to Shining Sea
   Getting Mamasu Safari
   Under Water
   Holy Saints
   Olivia of the Eyes
   Making God Omnipotent with no Devil about it!
   Folks to the North
   Eyes of Eggs
   The Otti Clan of Clans
   A Brother's Keeper
   Tommy Tom Tom's Guests
   First and Second Gear
   All the Mean Faces
   A Purple Hearts Kid
   The Accordion Man
   Remembering FDR
   Visiting an Old Niece
   The Weeeooo Kid

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