By: Miles Reeves

Dead Things in Ecuador


Mouse & Beetle

                                       Blackbird on the Road


? on the bank of River

This one really bothered us for awhile
because it looked so much like our
our own dog

Dog in a Bag

Poor Sweet Dead Bird

There was a guy with a Labrador type dog, throwing sticks at
this carcass in the river, trying to get the dog to go out to it.
The dog had no intention of leaping into the cold water and
doing that -- and the guy finally gave up and they both
walked away.  An hour later, I went back to see what was
happening and the carcass was gone. 

This was in a public park, not far from a children's' swing set, etc.
We wonder how long the poor thing took to get into this condition.
Looks like someone was probably wondering where their little dog was though.

This rat certainly doesn't look as healthy as the rat above
(not the squished one)

Nice and plump, lying in the middle of a grassy path - we wonder what killed this one?  

Pushed from the Nest?

Coming from Vancouver Canada, there's a morbid fascination
with the "road kill" that you can see in Ecuador. 


Pig in the River


Unknown in River

Rat on Road

Half Eaten Chick

Pigeon Completely  Squashed Flat on Road

                                         Black Bird

                                                                                   Flattened Pigeon

                   Poor Little Birdie

                                                      Maybe a very squished Rat?

Always fond of cats, this one disturbed us as the eyes were still
quite fresh looking.  

And another poor cat found on the meridian of a city road-way.

Pidgeon all laid out

This poor cat was laid out in a giant hole in a tree.