Dangling on a Hook

The hook in modern music is the phrase that catches. What you see here, is my hook. It’s a hook I chose for myself(1). I get confused but, long before The Web, long before I had a vague awareness of Modern Music, not to mention Quantum Physics, I knew about hooks. Google's first definition of fiction(2) April 14, 2004(2) was: a literary(2) work(2) based on the imagination(2) and not necessarily on fact(2).

This website is fiction. The words and pictures are pieces of life(s) cut up and pasted down into a jig saw puzzle. You can see the lines. Best viewed at RaNduMb.(3)

I'm told I make people work.

Stop now if you've got any problems with labour.(4)

Dangling on a Hook speaks to hooks & dangling, life & death, management & labour, control, loss and dying. It prattles about wooden boats & being a live-aboard, knitting & penguins, crows, kids, time & safe voyages. It also talks about getting older & actuarial claims, being young & yearning, family & relationship issues, changing times and; coming to terms with the things that never change. Inside this website there are words about trying to figure out what's right & screwing up big time and philosophy about fate, time again, success & Enough. If you wander you'll find lyrics that ache and are lonely & stumbling words everywhere that are cadence wishes for the time to be lonely. There are thoughts on this site that whirl on clear blue seas & cloudy horizons with musings of things, it seems to me are somehow better, not left unsaid. The site talks about being sorry & trying again, work issues & trying again, life dreams & trying again, heroes & triumphs, space travel & time again, chaos & entropy, our various & wondrous environments and realities & (fill in the blank).

Dangling on a Hook(5) in stories, poems and pictures speaks to the hook we all dangle from and offers the philosophy of Enough. Steal what you must. If you must. Be kind. Tell me to shut up. Share, proof, criticize or mock along but, don't limit my options. Please tell others. I know plenty enough about arbitrary limits thank you very much.

Better yet, send money.(6)

Hope was the last thing out of Pandora's Box. Ain't never yet ceased to amaze me where Hope comes from! Thank you The-Vyper (1A), thank you Hope and Faith, thank you Fred, thank you BB, thank you Norwegian Ancestors, thank you Gwen & Augustus John, thank you Freedom & Ferdinand & Fantasy, thank you Munny, thank you Finnian & Feather! Thank you Messrs. V, K, H and Madam L, thank you Richard Scarey, thank you every person who wrote almost every book I ever read! Thank you Rowdy Yates, thank you Janet Who, thank you Tony, thank you Old Woman, thank you Just a Girl, thank you Gordy Woegegenius!! Thank you Basket Ball Player, thank you Taxi Driver, thank you Rich Guy & Pervert & Coward, thank you The-Man-Who-Used-to-Beat-Me, thank you The-Father-of-my-Children, thank you Holy Roller, thank you Nestor Northumberland Nelson, thank you all my Once Upon a Time Friends! Thank you Lou Reed, Beethoven, Mr. Sagan, Shamrock, Brandy and Musicians & Mathematicians everywhere! Thank you Heindritch! Thank you Mercedes, thank you Billy-Jo, thank you Emily, thank you Franc-Paul, thank you Ohio Lawyer, thank you Mr Plineart, thank you Bawb. Thank you all the Bawbs out there! Special thank U's to Zelda, Harmony, Amos & Gomer Grunt. Thank you Barb, thank you Bill(7), thank you Mr Shaw & Mr T, thank you Chief of C's. Thank you all the Elizabeths & Margarets et al out there who gave me a cup of tea! Thank you Ivanovitch, thank you A.D. Dodger, thank you F and E, thank you Santana too. Thank you Boat-Refrigeration-Guy, thank you JY, thank you Gel-Coat-Guy & Lady from IceLand. Thank you all my Fishermen Friends! Special thanks again to Mrs Grant, Ali, Alberto, Kyle and Ms Lee. Thank you Demolition Guy, thank you several Vietnam draft dodgers, thank you Popeye! Thank you countless people in service, thank you David, thank you Drs Q & L, thank you Mr M, thank you earnest Veterans everywhere. Thank you Dr Maiti, thank you Jerry Vilhotti(7), thank you symbol that can be pronounced Dennis J. Vance but looks like a pie face, thank you Tony Wisdom, thank you R.C. Fasten, thank you Nan, thank you C. Servation. Thank you Red Headed Guy and French Guy and Croatian Guy. Oh Hell (!) Thank you inventors & anti-harm "crack pots" too! Thank you Mr. Stud, thank you Crazy School Teacher, thank you Boat Wranglers, thank you all my bus friends! Thank you Lisle, thank you ABC, thank you FU & TELL, thank you GM, thank you PO, thank you Canada! Thank you Messrs H. Packard, M.C. Soft, A.I.R. Miles, W.W. Web et al, thank you Dot & TK! Thank you the spirit of Mr. MacKinnon and EVERYONE out there who adds even a piece of goodwi!! Thank you Lion's-Den, thank you Daniel, thank you Buddy, thank you Kenny, thank you Lyle, thank you Morris & Oscar, thank you Freedom Fighter, thank you Russian Spy, thank you every Cowboy down every dock just for being there. Thank you The Dutchman, thank you Kriss, thank you Girl with Metal Bowl, thank you X-Ray Technician, thank you Existentialist, thank you Norm, thank you Mad Philosophers, thank you artist Cory Kuhr and the Elliott Louis Gallery! Thank you all my Links! Thank you Dowager! Thank you Flo & HiCat & Bag-O & Chongsy & Kaiser, thank you Mr & Mrs Crow & Goose, thank you Ripley the Wonder Dog Believe "It"(8) or Not...Thank you Hook!(9)

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Sigred J. Philipsen(10)

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(1) See Enough.(1A) See Links\Photography\www.vyperphotos.com(2) The definition of fiction(1104...) has changed on Google. Oh No!(3) See Time to Start Thinking/Money and Time, Finance and Physics(4) If you see any thing of value here, please tell others(5).(5) This is where (see above) you send money(15) but, only if you saw value.(16) Thank You!(6) So far, no one's sent any money?(5)(7) Special thanks to Bill, Jerry Vilhotti, Ferdinand & The Guy Who Wrote that Scottish Play!(8) See nothing at all.(1104...)(9) Only some semblance of order.(10) aka Odinsen; Rochester aka Stonogoski; Milliton(12)(11) Fill in the Blank(s).(12) I was taught from birth, as a female, my name has no value(14).(13) See Art Therapy\The-Vyper Socks.(14) See Getting Close to the End\Live Long and Prosper. It has to be that way or We can't stay here.(15) OMG! Yet another footnote no longer useful. See Lists* anyways.(16) I won't squander the money and if I get more than enough, I'll give it away. I promise!(6) & (1).(17) DAnGLing oN a HoOk is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing(7).(1104...) (fill in the blank)(5)
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