After Ecuador

Hands on Arts and Crafts produced after we came to Ecuador. Computer art can be found on opening page of Art Therapy.

Street in Quito

Mother Tree II

Mother Tree

Ready for Chaos

Inca Designs culled from the Web

Dream Catcher

Paint Pressed Leaves

String Theory

It's All Beginning to Come Apart


Ode to Jackson Pollock

An Island in the Tomebamba River

Embroidery - Ecuador Indigenous Village

The above is my embroidered tribute to

Oswaldo Guayasamín

Embroidery - Fish...

In the Cajas

In The Beginning

Sun Flowered Room Divider


The Dreamer

Embroidered - based on Picasso's Weeping Woman (1937)

Woman in Cool Hat

Tribute to Hockney

Embroidery Patchwork

Bird Hiding in a Lemon Tree

Covid Angst

Mother Tree


The Four Faces

The Garden

And Another Garden

And More Sunflowers