After White Water

"Shamrock said he'd give me a piece of coal he'd turn into a diamond". I paused.

"Or maybe a diamond he'd turn into a piece of coal. I forget."

I got an "I'm sorry I forgot" look on my face and muttered "It doesn't matter anyways" under my breath.

"If I paint him a picture", I continued.

"What are, you going on about?" Fred asked.

"I don't know. I asked Shamrock for a picture of his boat but he said he doesn't have one. Does that make sense to you? Do you know anybody with a boat that doesn't have a picture of their boat?" I asked Fred with deep incredulity in my voice.

Fred agreed he didn't know anybody without pictures of their boat. "They carry them around like baby pictures" Fred confessed, talking just as much about himself as "they".

Weeks later I showed Fred After White Water. The wand* came out and travelled through the picture.

"See over here!"

I pointed out that if you look closely you can see the sails of a boat heeled over in the gray water and that if you look closer too, under the hull is another hull struggling in white water.

"Shamrock's been to Hawaii and a few other pretty cool places on this boat" I advised Fred. "It's a mirror image too. That's why you can't quite figure out the angle."

"Oh" Fred grunted.

Weeks later again, after I'd given the picture to Shamrock, after Shamrock said he liked the picture, he came by with a piece of coal that he turned into a diamond…or maybe it was a diamond disguised as a piece of coal.

I forget.

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