My youngest daughter Faith moved back home to Dowager(2) for a two week period to save a bit of cash and help defray some of the cost of her move to her new apartment. "What are Mom's for?" Fortunately she was able to find a place for her stuff. Dowager tends to list if she's packed with kitchen chairs, couches and entertainment units. Faith did however discuss whether she should bring Tiger or not."Do you think the boat would be bad for my fish Mom?" I felt obligated to remind her that fish often don't live that long. "But he's a trooper Mom!" she anxiously explained. "He just keeps on getting bigger."Tiger was purchased with a companion. The companion didn't last long. Faith bought another companion but once again found it floating at the top of the tank when she got up in the morning. She tried one more time.

"Do you think Tiger's killing them?"

Once again we discussed the mortality rates for goldfish.

Tiger's an ordinary goldfish. Perhaps a little chubby? I'm no fish expert. He swam around his plastic tank, doing koocheekoo fan dances and stared out into my world treading water and observing with a languid patience that I found somewhat disconcerting.

"Do fish have brains?"

Hoot chee koot chee?

Tiger left Dowager in the same robust health he came to her.

(1) The stained glass Fish was designed and completed because I had all these small pieces I didn't want to go to waste. It's bolted to the ceiling(3) in the head on Dowager.(2) 1931 Wooden Patrol Vessel, 42' long.(3) On a boat the walls are called the ceiling and the head is where one goes to take care of business and clean up.