Ok…I confess…but it's a minor thing. It doesn't harm anybody. I've never had any really serious problems develop because of "it". I have been able to "successfully" go about a "normal" day-to-day existence and 99.9+% of the people on the planet are unaffected by…my problem.

The problem is…

I label things.

Sometimes I mix things and then label them generically. Like I might have a jar in my galley that says "Brown Sugar" but what's inside is actually a mixture of Golden Brown Sugar and Demerara Sugar. Our shampoo container has probably no less than 4 or 5 different kinds of shampoo in it. I've been working on one of my honey jars for several years now. It's possible I have 14+ different kinds of tea in my tea container. It's only a minor problem. It hardly ever gets out of hand.

Fred gets grumpy when I put cranberries in a jar labelled butter.

"Oh for goodness sakes! Like you couldn't tell as soon as you tasted it!"

I've been mixing things and labelling things ever since I was a small child and watched mad scientists with funny hair in black and white dungeons at the Saturday afternoon movies for a quarter. "Hey!" I'd try and talk my friends into going along. "Let's see what happens if we pour bleach on these nails and leave them in a jar for a week."

It consumed time, often was somewhat entertaining and my friends would usually be acceptably enthusiastic except when there was smoke. "I'm telling!"

Historical Note Television had been invented but wasn't yet integral to society.

AsideMy children once asked me if when I was a child I saw in black and white.They were checking the logic in a presumption:old television shows were in black and white.

Until the moment this story went up on the WorldWideWeb I have managed to successfully hide my "problem" from just about everyone except my family and a few close friends. Unfortunately my children may have inherited the mixing penchant. I'm not sure yet whether they were infected with the labelling part of the syndrome. It may be years before we can be sure. "Try if you have to but I promise", I would tell them, "a cup of salt, half a bottle of vanilla extract and Kool-Aid will NOT taste good". The pressure of having to hide an essential part of my personality however has apparently become too much. It's out in the open now.

I think…

I feel better.