Norwegian Traveller

The bulk of the design of this sweater was taken from a library book about the history of Nordic knitting. The sweater was an archeological find and the original is in a museum.(1)I called the sweater Norwegian Traveler because right in the middle of this ancient Nordic design I've inserted a South American pattern.Way back when, my hearty, hairy, strong, smelly ancestors, travelled across glorious and horrifyingly endless oceans in what I consider a row boat carrying men, arms, goats, a woman or two, even children. Blown off course and lucky with fishing it's possible some of them ended up in South America knitting up a storm.Norwegian Traveler was started to pass some time when Fred was in Holland visiting his friend Heindritch. A comfort knit. I was worried for awhile because I got to the arms before I made a mistake.

"Oh Fred", I'd lament, "I'm going to die!"

"Sigred! What's wrong?"

He wouldn't listen too long after I explained my problem. I was quite relieved when the second sleeve turned out two inches wider than the first.

While Dowager, our boat, has provided many travelling adventures I tell people one of the reasons I like living on her is because of the "conflict" in my life.

"I'm such a home body", I'll tell people, "but I wanted to travel."

They laugh.

Maybe one day I'll go to South America(2) or Holland or Mexico. I sure never thought I'd be able to knit sweaters and actually finish them. It took me seven years from the time I thought about "it" to the time my stuff went up on the web and even then it was a surprise. I sure never dreamed I'd live on a boat!

I make plans all the time and work towards finishing projects and walk towards goals and baby step around people and circumstances and fate but the adaptations required along the way often surprise me, occasionally defeat me and always make it entertaining at the very least.

(1) If it was your book or your museum, please e-mail.(2) See