Sailors Delight

I started out explaining: "I'm going to call it Sailors Take Warning." Then I paused. Then I stumbled ahead a few more phrases. Then I stopped.

"You see," I said pointing to the top of the painting with my wand* "It's that last piece of light; that moment just before it gets dark, when there's just that tiny bit of pink left in the sky. Look!" I said.

Here's where I stumbled: "Look you can still see pink in the water."

That's when I stopped. "Oh" I said to myself

"Oh" I said out loud. "Oh, I should call it SailOrs' Delight."

Fred was silent.

In my bestest school girl voice I recited the ditty:

Pink sky at night

SailOrs' Delight

Pink sky in mo(u)rning

Sailors Take Warning.

"I was mixed up" I said out loud, "I should call it SailOrs' Delight."

Fred continued to be silent.

"But I'll have to capitalise the O.

Fred hates it when I decide to capitalise something. Fred thinks only the Queen of England has that right. Fred & I, we've been 'round that one plenty. These days he keeps it to a pained look on his face. We don't try to discuss it much any more. Nevertheless, "Why?" he asked.

"Cause I'm really sure those guys pulling the Or(s) were absolutely overjoyed when sails were invented. In fact," I went on, "I bet they thought it was a just the best thing since sliced bread as my Daddy would have said". Then I mumbled, "Don't guess they knew about sliced bread though."

Fred didn't argue.

"Even after sails caught on I betcha they were still pretty happy about getting off O(a)r duty when the wind was poopy too!

I flung an overjoyed expression on my whole body and showed Fred. Fred seemed to like the demonstration. He crossed his arms over his chest & leaned back just a bit in a futile attempt to ward off anything good about a capitalised O but, a happy smile was plastered on his face.

"I bet everybody's spirits picked up on the Or Crew when they started loosing the light too!"

My wand flitted about in the sky on the painting, happy face two :-) on my face.

"SailOrs' Delight!" I said out loud again to Fred. "I got confused" I whispered mostly to myself.

Fred lost it. He laughed.

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