The Side-Hill-Snatch-Yer-Asser was a mythical beast used to entertain children

As they drove on winding roads through rocky hills studded with sparse pine trees and scrub

"Look!" Dad would say to Ferdinand and Baby Boy

"There goes one!"

Dad would point into the bush up on the hills and explained that you had to

"Watch out! for Side-Hill-Snatch-Yer-Assers would sneak right up behind you

And pinch you on your

You know what!

"It's a well known fact", Dad would inform them in his authoritative voice

"That Side-Hill-Snatch-Yer-Assers legs are shorter on the right side

It's so they can walk round the hills easier

It's an adaptation," Dad would elucidate

"But they're sneaky." Dad would warn again. "You've got to watch out!"

He'd tell his young sons


they'd giggle and goggle their eyes catching just the shadow of

a Side-Hill-Snatch-Yer-Asser

As it trotted its way round a bolder

Or patch of brush