I told Fred when I started this project "I'm themING". Fred groaned. Fred, as an ex-old-time-radio-announcer with a private school education, believes that language, and specifically the English Language, should not be tinkered with as much as I tinker with it. "ThemING?" Fred asked with some scorn in his voice."At the bottom", I explained ignoring the scorn, "there's the molten lava at the centre of the earth. Then after the lava there's the core of the earth. I didn't know how to represent the core of the earth" I told Fred, "so I chose a Celtic cross just because it seemed basic and close to the earth.""Ok", Fred acknowledged somewhat bewildered by the explanation."Then after the core of the earth there's the fishies!" I went on. I really enjoyed working on the fishies! I liked looking in library books for different ways to knit the fishies. I liked picking out the wool to do each of the fishies in. I like finding stray pieces of blue wool to put in the water surrounding the fishies. I liked telling people I was working on the fishies part of my project. I particularly liked saying fishies a lot!"After the fishies", I then continued, despite Fred displaying a minor coma demeanour, "there's the dirt"."Why not dirt before the fishies", Fred asked startling himself into consciousness.

"Well I thought the core of the earth covered that part", I explained.

Fred saw my reasoning.

"Again, I wasn't quite sure how to represent dirt so I just did this ivy pattern".

"It's nice," Fred admired.

"Then after the molten lava, after the core of the earth, after the fishies and the dirt and all the plants, then there's all the animals. Look!" I point out to Fred, "here's a horsy and a doggy and a herd of elephants".

I really liked doing the elephants too.

"Over here", I showed him, "I put a colony of penguins!"

Fred agreed given our family situation that I had to have a Penguinery.

"I put in a griffin to represent all the animals that aren't here any more; this is supposed to be an aardvark and these were meant to be people". I pointed out some very tall, large headed, thin, space-man type figures. "They didn't turn out quite the way I expected", I told Fred.

Funny thing about people that way.

"After the doggies and the cats and the penguins and the people then there's the sky with clouds and birdies." I laughed. "All the birdies are crows. There's a murder of crows blanketing the sky". I laughed just a little bit more.

Fred's face looked like perhaps he might not approve but he wasn't quite sure exactly what it was that he didn't approve of.

"I'm themING don't you see", I desperately tried to explain to Fred. "I'm trying to encompass all the themE*s in my world".

Fred never really got "it" and then later... afterwards; you know... time passed, and my arthritis got so bad in my elbows and upper back that I couldn't knit any more!

I was defeated just as I reached the stars and the infinity of space.

Discussing my defeat with Fred I asked him, "There's a moral to this story I just know there is. Do you know what it is?"

"I'm sorry the infinity of space defeated you Sigred", Fred confusedly tried to console. "But it's still a wondrous thing" he admired. "What is it?"

* Silent E