THEMing II Under Construction

The Centre & Core of the Earth

"At the bottom" she explained, "there's the molten lava at the centre of the earth. Then after the lava there's the core of the earth. I didn't know how to represent the lava & the core of the earth." She looked up.

Bewilderment radiated the silence

"I thought about it for a couple of days." Her finger went to the painting & she traced the images. "I started looking at all the books onboard Dowager. I finally ended up with a basic Anatomy Book(3). I'd kept it just in case someone broke their leg or something when we were out in the beyond."More silence"If you look..." She continued to trace the figures "'ll see a skull & a fetus & an open mouth & a cell. There's a set of lungs & a skeleton man & a muscle man & an eye. It's sideways but there's an ear."She twisted the painting the better to see the ear"And look here! Here on the left side simply to be inconsistent & because the painting itself told me, there's some little people climbing an underground rock face."She smiled a soft smile into air"There's also a foot & a few dancers & a hand & a woman building a fire & the tombstone of Agenda Stone(4). I put in a skate boarder. Probably because of Faith. I don't why? Maybe because skate boarders spend a lot of their time rolling over something-that-sounds-in-my-mind-like-it-would-probably-sound-rolling-over-the-core-of-the-earth. There's more!"

She laughed

"There's always more. Look," she said. "Look!"

Not a beep, bong or twitter

"Then after the core of the earth, there's the fishies."

The Water & The Fishies & You & Me

"When I knit ThemING(2) I really enjoyed working on the fishies!" she exclaimed. "I liked looking in library books for different ways to knit the fishies. I liked picking out the wool to do each of the fishies in. I like finding stray pieces of blue wool to put in the water surrounding the fishies. I liked telling people I was working on the fishies part of my project. I particularly liked saying fishies a lot!"

"Folly", she thought and shook her head. "It was fun, plain, very simple play to say fishies." It brought a tentative smile & then a larger one after she'd worked to convince her audience that she wasn't mad, crazy, nuts, insane, deranged, unsound, daft, cracked, touched or demented, or at least unlikely to harm them.(5)."Because this is a painting I had a lot more freedom(8) in my choices(9) of expression. I was able to incorporate more than just fishies. If you look you'll see a compass rose, a grey whale, a sea monster, a Mama squid & her baby."Her finger wand(10) across the painting highlighting each item as she spoke."There are hooks & anchors, see here & here.

"She pointed, she laughed"

And look here (!) there's a hook with three people living on it."She smiled her be-(a)U-tifu! smile

"There's a lighthouse & a ship or two & a scuba diver & lots of salmon. There's other fish too & one of the fish is magica!" Her voice brightened, her smile broadened as she pointed to an operatic flounder. "It's singing a siren song of the sea the mystical musing magica! fish is. You have to listen though. You have to really listen."

She paused for a moment thinking of the fairy tales she'd read as a child & the admonitory lessons regarding the siren songs of the sea. 'Too late ~ Not too late ~ Too late ~ Not too late', she thought shaking her head.

"If you look you'll see an oil derrick too, a sea shell & semaphore men".


She thought about putting in a trilobite, for her Dad you know, for her Dad, but in the end she didn't.

"After the fishies & everything else we share the water with, then there's the dirt.(11)."

Dirt & Plants & Animals & People & Other Strange Things

"Well to be more exact, after the molten lava, after the core of the earth, after the fishies then there's the dirt & the plants & all the animals & other strange things."

Her wand moved on pointing out a goose & a spider web with spider & a Bus Stop sign(14) & a BirdMan(7) or a Shaman or a Gawd.

"Look here", she said poking her finger at a tiny Ripley the Wonder Dog(15). "Doesn't it look just like him!?"

Nothing, nada, no thing"

Over here is Alice-in-Wonderland right next to Jesus-on-the-Cross & here's a rabbit & an Arabian Knight on a charging steed pounding by the palm trees heading into the desert(7). These are llama's!" she laughed. "And this is a tree & over here is a space ship on a runway or maybe one of those new super viruses ~ there was a picture in the newspaper(7) the other day. They look just like spaceships!"

She pulled the painting closer and her wand moved to the left side touching a sloop & then a cutter & then a ketch. "Wooden sail boats", she said, "from the forest just above".Swoosh, ping pong

"This is a City", she said. "With one of those pointed Jetson style skydomes most cities seem to have these days. It's a port city. Look! See the docks?"

Continued silence

"This is a tree!" Her wand moved right again. "And this is a bridge." Ping pong the wand flew to the left. "And down here…" Ping pong lower right. "…is a lamb. Oh Look!" she appealed. "I put the lamb next to Jesus-on-the-Cross." Her voice rose questioning. "Do you think I did that on purpose?"

Yawning silence, endless silence, the silence of the fridge

"I tried to put in a herd of penguins for my Daughter ~ you know ~ but in the end, like the trilobite for my Dad, I didn't(42)."

Pause for sad face

"I tried but, it ended up looking more like a fuzzy bear."

Pause again for "oh well" face

The wand conducted itself back to the left.

"There's a lady holding a parasol & the Arabian Knight & Alice in Wonderland & the Clockwork Orange Icon man(7) but…"

Once more a pause

"There's a lot more people in this part of the picture too".

Ping pong, pong ping

"Don't forget The Castle…"


"...and the City would be full of people!"

She smiled

"And all the boats from the trees in the forest have people in them & there's people in the forest too behind the trees & people in the little Indian Wigwams near the water(16)."

The wand left the painting and turned back into a piece of a hand. Her hand went to join her other hand and she clapped like a child, delighted.

Clap clap, clap clap, clap clap

Clock ticking silence, tick tick, tick tick

"After the BirdMan & the goose & Ripley the Wonder Dog & the llamas & all the people standing out in front or lurking in the background then" she laughed again, "then there's the sky with the mountains & the clouds & the birdies...(19)."

The Sun & the Sky & the Birdies & Even More Strange Things(23)

"…and the Sun."

Aside: The Father, the Holy Ghost and the Son


The Mountains & the Sky, the Clouds & the Birdies & the Sun

All of these things are just before Heaven

Just before the Infinity of Space(27)

"Look! Listen!" She clapped her hands like an elementary school teacher. "Look here! There's a murder of crows blanketing the sky." The wand picked out crows. "I'm THEMing don't you see. I'm trying to encompass all the themE(28)s in my world".

More silence

"But I can't" she wailed. "I can't! It's impossible."

Even more silence

Slowly the wand returned to duty


There was no enthusiasm in her voice, she was merely work-a-day-for-wages going to finish this job.

"Here" she said. "

Over here is an airplane & down here there's a weather balloon & up in the sky, floating above the mountains is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds(29)

She smiled into the silence dreaming of lost innocence

"All the mountains have eyes, the mountains are watching, the mountains don't give a damn as to whether I'm nuts or not. The mountains have their own voices."

She listens to silence

"The mountains were here long before people were. There are stacks of people bones piled up inside of mountains & still the mountains don't care."

She became a mountain. Still. Silent. Brooding. Watching. Eroded. Brimming with life, covered with life, dead bones inside, waiting(30) & (31).


"I am aware" she said finally "that many might think my life Heaven from the inside and…"


"From the outside."

Pause again

"That many might think that not I am nuts, that the theyS that surround me are nuts."

She shakes her head confused again, looks down at the painting and up, staring at nothing across the salon.

Silence, electrical humming silence

"I am aware that in the minds of many the complete opposite also is true".


She brings out her wand raises it a moment in the air and a small sleepy smile crosses her face."La", she sings quite clearly. "La." A sustained note.


Her smile broadens & the wand alights, "A murder of crows is flying their way to Heaven. See?" she asks giggling. "They're off to a McDonalds in the sky(34)."


Her wand swings left. "This is a rendition of the blood vessels in a mind…" The wand swings right. "…and this is a planet with two moons" She lowers her voice and speaks with minimal lip movement out of the corner of her mouth. "That means NOT Earth."


"Perhaps the Planet Irony?"

She laughs in silence - tears rolling down her cheeks

"In the middle there's a black hole & a comet & a nebulous-black-cloud-like-monster-thing(35).


"Well" she mused "all that's left are the details."


"Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough

Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough

Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough."

She chanted into the void(36)

"When I knit ThemING I was defeated at the Infinity of Space."

I do believe my mind cannot comprehend all the themES

I do believe Heaven is beyond my comprehension

I was taught as a child that Heaven was in the sky and that Hell

was in the lava at the core of the Earth.

If this that I was taught as a child has any basis

any intuition

any bottom truth

provides anything that ensures survival of the species then

I do believe that we have every chance of understanding


Infinitely long pause

"But!" she shouted

(not in panic


"The chances of understanding the Infinity of Space(27)is…"




"…patently ridiculous!"



"Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough

Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough

Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough


THEMing II Under Construction & Flo

"THEMing II Under Construction is almost finished" she mused. I know this because I said out loud to an empty room 'Done' after staring at THEMing II Under Construction for an hour or so."

She batted her eyelashes in silence

"Yesterday I went to the Doctor and he seemed to think I was nuts. He kept on winking at me though. I'm never quite sure what's going on when that's happening (44). It puts me into the Infinity of Space...


I still have to cover everything on THEMing II Under Construction with that white glue that turns clear when it dries (45) and it's certainly possible that that'll fuck (46) the whole thing up. I hope not though" she explained to FloCat.

Ears ringing, white-city-humming & silence

"I think it'll turn out OK though, THEMing II Under Construction. I think the glue will be the crowning touch. Even Fred sounds almost real when he admires it. Freedom phoned just awhile ago. He and Feather are fighting. Oh no! Faith's got something wrong with her wrist. She's worried about money because they've cut back her hours at work. Sigh. Hope & The-Vyper are getting married September Eleventh. "We wanted to change it into a good day Mom!" she told me. Fred's back hasn't been bothering him for a long time now. That's good! Ferdinand's MS is stable. The-Father-of-my-Children actually shot Faith some cash for groceries. That's a gawd damn miracle! Haven't heard from Fantasy for ages & the Neighbours are driving me crazy & work is driving me crazy & Fred is driving me crazy. What else is new? Everybody thinks I'm nuts."I guess I'm nuts.Oh well (49).

"Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough

Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough

Doe, ray, me, fa', sew, la, tea, dough."

(1) Fred didn't question me much when I started this project ThemING II. He figures it's good therapy for me(5). Mr Stud got me started on it. Provided me with a piece of wood and all his talk about all his friends; Art & Society and Messrs Law, Politico, Commerce et al. I'm finding it ironic(6) that Fred is actually providing constructive suggestions and helpful assistance. There was a time when Fred mostly mocked my "projects". These days he's being encouraging.Of course I've more or less promised to dispose of ThemING II when I'm finished, so he's not living under the threat of having to gaze at it for the rest of his days. As a last resort there's always burial at sea on a dark and stormy night.(2) See Art Therapy/THEMing(3) Primary Anatomy, Eighth Edition, John V. Basmajian, MD, FACA, FRCP(C) with Illustrations by Diane Abeloff © 1982 Williams & Wilkins(7).(4) Agenda Stone was born in 1906 and died in the year of somebody's Lord 2004 at the age of 98. He died of old age compounded by a broken heart. Aggie had composed his last Agenda by the time he was 49. He never deviated, never shirked, never completely lost sight. His last report, his dying breath was spent with the words "Meeting Adjourned". He left behind no unfinished business and nothing to carry forward. Mr Stone was survived by a loving family, countless people in service and an endless list of appreciation. Rest In Peace Lasting Eternity Yawns(5) See Mostly Sad Stories\Bridges(6) Fred advised me the very first time that I had a conversation with him that if they hadn't named the planet eARTh they would have called it Irony.(7) The Globe & Mail, the Vancouver Sun & Province, the Georgia Straight, The New York Times, Dose, 24 Hours & the following books also provided inspiration for THEMing II. Thank you one and a!!: * A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess with cover design by David Pelham © 1962 * Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll © 1992 Wordsworth Editions Limited * The Black Joke, Farley Mowat with Illustrations by Victor Mays © 1962 * Charlotte's Web, E.B. White with illustrations by Garth Williams © 1952-1980 * Ian Fleming's James Bond Nobody Lives For Ever, John Gardner © 1986 Glidrose Publications Limited * For Christ's Sake, Tom Harpur © 1986 * Grimms Fairy Tales with cover Illustrations by John Cooper © 1979-1980-1981 B.W. Ltd. U.K. * The Last Battle A Story for Children, C.S. 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If at all possible, brass screws are used to securely fasten anything that might act as a Model # 727 Flying Guillotine should one accidentally find themselves in bad weather(13).(13) I actually know people who seek bad weather. Interestingly enough, none of these people that I know who seek bad weather have children. Is this true to breed? ;-)(14) Inspiration: The Bus Stop © Dorrie Ratzlaff 1999(15) See Mostly Sad Stories\Ripley the Wonder Dog vs Sanctimonious Bitch(16) Mr Stud advised when THEMing II Under Construction was between the water & the fishies & all the plants & animals & dirt & people that perhaps there was enough busyNESS in the painting already. Mr Stud was advised that it was my understanding, at least according to the BUSYnessMEN that there could never be enough busyNESS."Once I've finished the black outlining I'll go back over the whole thing & add more colour. Like the grey whale, I'll make more grey" he was told. "I used boat paint for the base, then coloured wax, then I scaled a bunch of the wax off & then I used poster paint & some acrylics & now I'm putting in the character(17). Can you get me some of that white glue that turns transparent when it dries?" I asked.Mr Stud provided(17a).(17) Joke: People will tell you that adversity gives you more character, attempting to find(18) the good in the evil. My response: I have enough character (!) thank you very much.(17a) I changed my mind and ended up not giving Mr Stud THEMing II Under Construction. He wasn't heart broken when I advised him of my change in plans. He was a mixture of amused and put out. He told me: "At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, you Sigred, are an Indian Giver!"I replied "Pot Latch!" and that was the end of that.(18) (fill in the blank)(19) I could go on to write a story about THEMing II After Construction. A strange world this THEMing II. A layered world; a world that almost seems to have more bad things than good, what with BirdMen and monsters...but(5) countless people have done this(20). Mr Stud is right. I need a body of work."Hey! I have a body of work!"Mr Stud does NOT have all the answers. I suppose the President of the United States must have to feel like s/he has all the answers in order to carry out their job with an aura of confidence but I gotta tell ya:PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERSSCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME(21)(20) See Lists*\Rocks on the Road, last line(21) Worth Repeating:(22) Why Does this Make me Nuts? (?DMN?)(5)(22) See Getting Close to the End\Worth Repeating (?DMN?)(23) When Perdikkas asked him at what times hewished divine honours paid to him, he answered thathe wished it done when they themselves were happy.These were the last words of the King.---Quintus Curtius.(24)(24) I'm trying to figure out if I'm nuts. I've been reading Fire From Heaven(23) © Mary Renault, 1970 & Collected Stories for Children © the Estate of Walter de la Mare, 1947 Illustrations © Faber and Faber Ltd, 1947 & Cliffs Notes on Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury © C.K. Hillegass 1970. I'm finished all except Walter de la Mare. I was reading several things at once because I found I couldn't concentrate(?DMN?) on just one thing(25). I was going to go out and buy some food & get some exercise & see a bit of the world but then it started raining biblical rain, BC wet coast rainforest rain, I-can-wait-for-awhile-and-see-if-it-slows-down rain. I was hoping to put off further construction of THEMing II Under Construction because I don't seem to be solving my problem & I felt time might help & then it started to rain(26).(25) I'm happy to report that glitch only lasted about a week.(26) See Mostly Sad Stories\Is it Possible Coherence has Something to do with Time?(27) Results so far (June 2005) from the Millennium Simulation - a digital model of the universe: All the stars, galaxies & black holes amount to 5% of the universe. The force pushing the universe apart makes up 70%.[100 - 70 - 5 = 25%](32)(28) Silent E(29) See nothing at all(30) See Nothing at All(31) Does there not pass over man a space of time when his life is blank?---The Koran(33)(32) See Alternate Reality Time\InBeTween(33) But I am not a man. I am the womb. The fishermen tell me I'm turning into a WoeMan(5). Before I was a child & a girl & a woman & a wife & a mother & many other things (perhaps nuts) but not a man. Go for a walk in the rain. Go for a walk in the rain before you tackle the infinity of space. Go for a walk in the rain before you deal with Heaven.(34) See Art Therapy\Crows(35) Eek! Eek!(36) I believe the walk did me good. I always wanted to be someone who didn't know enough to get out of the rain. I have at the very least totally succeeded in that ambition(?DMN?).(37) I'm trying to figure out if I'm nuts or not(5). I don't think I am but it's possible(38) and statistically(39) probable since so many people are telling me I am(40).(38) See Beginning to Twist\Here we go Again, One more Time, Dangling from a Hook(39) See Well...That Didn’t Work\Figures and Fats and Actuarial Claims(40) The composition of THEMing II Under Construction to this point has taken approximately 60 hours. I will now continue sans camera until all details (including the nuts part) are resolved(41).(41) OK I lied…not all details. I wish I could stop footnoting things and believe the fetish will fade away with time(43). How much time is unknown and I'm not going to waste time waiting for that detail. I'm proposing to accomplish two details namely (a) to finish THEMing II Under Construction and (b) to figure out if I'm nuts.(42) I lied again. I don't mean to lie, they just pop out of my mouth(22). In the end I found places for both.(43) Mr Stud suggested that I have a footnote fetish because of the dot com site that has a similar name to Dangling on a Hook."Oh really! Do you think so?" I asked."Positively" nodded Mr Stud.(44) See Beginning to Twist\I don't know about you…But I'm Uncomfortable with Tacit Agreement.(45) Mr Stud tried to talk me into using wax. "Wax is IN right now" he told me. I demurred. It annoys Mr Stud when I demure.(46) I was in my late 30's before I could hear the word fuck and not blush. I found that the blushing triggered people to use the word as a weapon. I felt that if I could teach myself to use the word fuck then I'd stop blushing when I heard it. I was right. I don't blush when I hear the word fuck anymore and I can say it myself in all the generally appropriate places.The people who had previously used the word fuck as a weapon against me made it very clear to me during the time that I was learning to say the word fuck that my saying fuck was highly inappropriate."You can't fuckin' do that!"I was told"Why not?" I asked innocently"Why can you use the word with reckless abandon and IAnd I can not"You know"I was told"No No I don't, No I don't know, please clarify"I replied"It's fuckin' obstreperous (47) coming out of your fuckin' mouth"I was advised"And not from you?"I humbly asked"Not for you"I was told"This I am not allowed"I further clarified from beneath down turned eyes"This you are not fuckin' allowed"I was told"Hmmm" I wondered& wondered againThen replied"Fuck You!"And left (?DMN?)In any case, I don't regret in this world, the world that I find myself living in, that I learned to hear and say the word fuck(48) without blushing. I do regret the passing of the world that I lived in for a time where it wasn't required that I defend(?DMN?) myself in so many multiple & faceted ways (49).(47) Obstreperous turbulent, unruly, noisy(48) Clarification: Fuck is still not an everyday word in my lexicon but I do enjoy (especially (!) if I'm in my church lady disguise) leaRning across the bus and asking (usually) a young man(50) whose been showing off swearing to his friend on public transportation "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"(?DMN?)(49)See Getting Close to the End\Live Long and Prosper, It has to be that way or we can't say here(50) My daughters can say fuck too. I thought it was necessary to teach them this skill despite being reassured it's taught in the school system these days.(51) See Footnote (18) (?DMN?)