THEMing III The Scarf

"Apparently I'm not finished with the THeMiNg theme" I mused out loudly to Fred. He was in the wheelhouse, I was 25 feet away in the salon.

Fred didn't answer. "I wonder if he thinks I'm talking to FloCat?" I wondered. "I don't suppose I'll ever be finished with the outside world" I thought some more then laughed out loud at myself. Fred shouted down from the wheelhouse, "Are you talking to me or FloCat?""FloCat" I shouted back. "It's all the thing(k)s that goes on between the molecules!"

There was an extended silence while Fred considered.

"I think I'll try(1) knitting again," I shouted. "I think I'll try a scarf(2)! If I start with something small then I won't feel so bad if things don't go well".

Neither Fred nor FloCat responded. "A THeMiNg scarf (!)" I thought. In keeping with the THeMiNg theme, THeMiNg III The Scarf starts out once again with the molten lava at the centre of the earth. The molten lava is followed by an anchor & a boat and of course the fishies! Then there's a large ship & the sky with clouds & a warning lighthouse off in the distance. After the fishies (!) around the turn of the neck (that you can't see in the picture) are birdies & more sky & a tree throwing its branches up into the sky. Around the turn of the neck there's another gryphon (just like in the original ThemING!) representing all the things I just can't figure out (like people & the stars & the moons & etc). Then there's music. I wish I'd put notes scattered throughout the scarf but, I didn't think of it until close to the end. There should be music everywhere! And then there's the infinity of space; more stars & a candle for Hope & Faith.

It felt good to be knitting again. The whole world did a little hIpHoP & things JUST started to seem easier again. "That's what was missing!" I told Fred. "It's one of my (fill in the blanks)". Fred was reading, sitting across from me on the loveseat. I was on the settee. My statement put a confused look on his face."Knitting!" I elucidated. "I've set myself a goal of eight more scarves. That's not excessive; is it?"

Fred made an infinitesimally small shrug & began to answer but I continued, "Do you think I'll have time to get 8 done before December? I've got just about enough wool and if I need more I can probably pick some up at the second hand store. Everybody'll get a lovely hand knit scarf(3) and it won't cost us too much. What d'ya think?"

Fred thought it was a great idea! "Explain to me again what THEM(e)ing means?" he asked.

(1) See Nothing at all once again(2) Mr Stud dropped by and advised these were not scarves but mufflers. We decided between the two of us that Muffler didn't seem to have the impact in the title that Scarf does & that a fOoTnOtE would be the best thing to clear up any possible misconceptions.(3) I didn't mention THAT probably most (if not all of the recipients) would rather NOT have a lovely hand knit scarf from me. (I think most of them would prefer a car or stereo. I know Fred wouldn't mind a life time annuity & Faith'd like a trip to Europe.) (4)(4) I was kinda hoping knitting again would rid me of the fOotNoTE fetish.(5)(5) So far it hasn't worked.(6) See Socks & Mufflers/The Vyper Scarf(7) See Socks & Mufflers/Ferdinand's Muffler