Bossy & Selfish in Ecuador

Bossy & Selfish Cartoons

Bossy Thinks Out LoudBossy Just KnowsPrincess Puts All Into PerspectiveSelfish Ends the ConversationBossy & Selfish Fit in with the CrowdBossy ReiteratesBossy is Less Than GraciousBossy Gets Over AnalysedBossy Wonders About 11/1/11Selfish is Unusually HonestBossy & Selfish Take a HolidaySelfish Wishes He Hadn't AskedBossy Worries About Full MoonBossy Gets Put Into Her Place
Bossy Wonders AgainSelfish Declines to AnswerBossy Finally Gives InBossy & Selfish Launch the BugBossy Worries Too MuchBossy's In Trouble AgainSelfish Manages to Respond RespectfullyBossy Worries Some MoreThis Time, Princess is ConfusedBossy ResistsBossy, Selfish & Princess All Have a Bad DayBossy et al Are BuggedSelfish ExplainsBossy ReasonsSelfish HopesBossy Gets GrumpyBossy & Selfish Go to the ParkSelfish is Brutally HonestPrincess' Pillows of PoutSelfish Seeks a DefinitionBossy is ConcernedBossy HoardsBossy Continues to Hate CarsBossy Advises She's an Artist not a ScientistHas Bossy Mentioned she Hates Cars?Bossy Spots Irony Once AgainBossy Thinks Out LoudSelfish Has to Ask Princess is TraumatizedBossy Does the Ecuador Count DownSelfish ComfortsSelfish Talks to the TrafficBossy Says: "Dios Mio!"Bossy Misses the BoatBossy AsksSelfish is SpeechlessBossy Doesn't Miss Wearing Four Pairs of SocksBossy MarvelsPrincess Gets SurrealSelfish & Princess Both Think: "Oh Oh!"
Bossy's Got a HabitBossy's DisgruntledBossy says, "That's it!"Bossy Imparts a TidBit of InformationSelfish Gets Off the HookBossy WinsSelfish AgreesSelfish Responds MildlyBossy is ChastenedBossy ReminiscesBossy Loses Her MindThere's Just No Pleasing BossyPrincess Thinks That's WiseBossy Laughed & Laughed & LaughedBossy PurrsBossy & Selfish Evenly Allocate WorriesBossy ComplainsSelfish Makes Bossy LaughBossy & Selfish Display Co-Dependence (Not)Selfish is Very Close to Speechless Once AgainPrincess ConjecturesBossy says: "It's a conspiracy of one."Bossy Lets Off SteamPrincess Hurts Her FootBossy Shows OffBossy Continues to be Somewhat CrankyPrincess Has a ProblemPrincess Has an OpinionSelfish is GrumpyBossy Laments SpaceBossy, Selfish & Princess on a Sunday DriveSelfish Objects & Bossy Amends her StatementBossy is ContritePrincess May be Smarter Than Bossy & Selfish ThinkAnd Then Selfish Laughed & Laughed & LaughedPrincess' Belief SystemPrincess is Not Fond of Bath DayBossy Quits FacebookPrincess Doesn't Have a ProblemPrincess Questions AuthorityBossy & Selfish Need a Haircut
Bossy Has Fully Acclimated HerselfPrincess Mildly ComplainsBossy's Not Bossy EnoughBossy Gets NervousPrincess Sets Bossy & Selfish StraightBossy Gets SickBossy's Still SickBossy Finally Starts to Feel BetterBossy's Feeling the ChillPrincess is RelievedPrincess is Just a Tad CynicalBossy Goes to the DentistBossy asks Selfish to Think about VancouverWarning: Bossy Hates Meaningless Competition. It Makes Her TestyBossy Makes an ObservationSelfish LaughsBossy Notes: Princess Pretty Much Keeps Her Thoughts to HerselfThis Time Selfish Laughs in Spite of HimselfAt Least Princess was AmusedHowever Princess got a Bit GrumpySecretly Princess Thinks She's the CoolestBoth Bossy & Selfish Seem Calm HoweverSelfish Voices No OpinionPrincess Doesn't AgreePrincess Wants to Go HomeEven Princess was Pleased in The EndBossy Keeps Embarrassing HerselfBut Afterwards, For No Reason, Bossy Felt Like CryingOnce Again... Princess is ConfusedBossy is IndignantBossy, Selfish & Princess Have a Cozy Evening at HomeBoth Selfish & Princess Try and Play DumbPrincess Feels Just a Tad InsecurePrincess Feels ConcernPrincess Questions the Sanity of Bossy & Selfish (Especially Bossy)Bossy & Selfish Compare NotesBossy & Selfish Come to a CompromisePrincess Approves of the New CarPrincess Has No DoubtsSelfish ComplainsSelfish Doesn't Think It's FunnySelfish Doesn't Necessarily AgreeBossy Puts her Pretty Little Foot DownBossy Poses an Unanswerable QuestionPrincess is TrepidatiousBossy is Cranky Yet AgainSelfish ReassuresBossy Points Something OutSelfish Asks Bossy if She ever Misses Canadian Winter
Selfish Guffaws!Princess Disagrees with SelfishSelfish Points Out a StatisticPrincess Totally AgreesWhat a Surprise! Bossy's Complaining Yet AgainBossy Just Can't Shut UpBossy Can ChangeNo Big Surprise… Bossy's Ranting Again
Princess Sets StipulationsBossy Figures "It" OutBossy HuffsBoth Selfish & Princess Heartily Agree with Bossy (For a Change)Selfish Almost Gets NostalgicAnd then Selfish Quietly & Soberly Advises Bossy Regarding her ProblemPrincess GrumblesSelfish Comes to His SensesPrincess Understands Even if Selfish Doesn'tPrincess Discovers She is Not a Night DogAnd Once Again, Selfish Chastises Bossy for Over ThinkingBossy Just Wants a Quiet DayBossy Momentarily Frightens a StrangerAnd Then Later On Selfish Suggested: "Maybe you reminded him of his ex-wife?"Selfish is all Civilized when he Answers Bossy QuestionBossy's Had a Bad Couple of DaysPrincess Points Out the ObviousIt Never Ceases to Disturb Bossy & SelfishThere are Few Things Princess Likes BetterEven Princess Knows...
Bossy Gets Her Hair CutPrincess Knows...Bossy & Selfish Go Grocery Shopping for an HourPrincess Has No Idea What's Going OnBossy's Almost UnconsolableAnd then Bossy Laughed and Laughed and Laughed and LaughedBossy's a Bit Cranky because the Weather's CoolishBossy Feels Like She's Knocking her Head Against the WallBossy Thought Maybe...Princess Rushes to Bossy's DefencePrincess is ConflictedOnce Again, Poor Princess is ConfusedPrincess Doesn't Get "It"Bossy Thinks They Look FabulousBossy is Beside HerselfBossy Needs a Time OutPrincess Takes Advantage of the SituationSelfish is Careful Not to CommentBossy Can Be Spontaneous"But Why!?" Bossy Wailed. "Why!?"Despite Being Annoyed, Bossy Still Had to Laugh
Bossy & Selfish Get a New (to them) ComputerFirst Bossy Complained and then She Laughed and Laughed and LaughedBossy Makes an ObservationPrincess Feels Just a Tad SuperiorWhat a Surprise! Bossy is Railing Again...Bossy Rambles On (Just a Bit...)Will Bossy Never Stop Complaining about Something?!Bossy's Almost HomesickPrincess Isn't Sure She Shouldn't Be Jealous.Bossy Gets Confused in Cross CultureOnce Again Bossy Rejoices at Ecuadorian WinterPrincess Has a PointPrincess is Just a Tad ConcernedTurns Out Even Princess is a Bit CynicalPrincess's Job Gets Harder when the Lights Go OutBossy, Selfish & Princess are Out & About Enjoying EcuadorBoth Bossy & Selfish at Least Try to be HelpfulBossy & Princess Are in AgreementBossy Displays Canadian HumourBossy & Selfish Don't Necessarily Agree with Princess's Definition of Roughing ItPrincess Has Other PrioritiesBossy ObservesBossy Lovingly Mocks SelfishPrincess is Blah about SpringSelfish is Indulgent While Princess is IndignantPrincess Jumps the GunSelfish Can't Believe "It"Once Again Bossy Puts Her Pretty Little Foot DownPrincess Just Does Not Have a Multi-Dimensional Thought ProcessEven Princess Had to Roll Her EyesWhat Bossy & Selfish Imagine their Children Do Every Year Around Lunar New YearBossy GushesSelfish Provides AdviceSelfish Annoys PrincessSelfish Feels Remarkably FriskyPrincess has a Bit of a Hard Time with SarcasmSelfish has to Reassure BossyBossy Continues on an Old RantBossy Lets Her Mind WanderSelfish Attempts to Murder BossyBossy Makes an ObservationPrincess is GratefulSelfish Bowls Bossy OverEfficient Ways to Make Princesses Happy"But..." Princess thought... "She did have a rather nice lap"
Princess Shares Her FeelingsSelfish Requires Some Technical AdvicPrincess Doesn't See Anything Funny but Just Might be a Bit Weirded OutPrincess Isn't Fooling AnybodySelfish Makes a CrackBossy Only Smiles EnigmaticallySelfish & Princess Work Really Hard Not to Roll their EyesBossy TripsPrincess Simply Does Not Like Puppy Eating DragonsBossy & Selfish Joke Compare Canada & EcuadorBossy Takes a SelfieBossy & Selfish Spy on PrincessThen Bossy Laughed so Hard she ChokedAnd then Bossy Watched the Man Actually ShudderPrincess Isn’t Taking Any BetsBossy & Selfish Stop Off at Feria LibreBossy & Princess Are in Agreement"What a Coincidence!" Selfish agrees.In The End, Bossy Had to Draw a DiagramSelfish Has a Dream Come TrueAnd What Could Bossy Do, but Laugh Some More?Bossy Makes a RequestBossy, Selfish & Princess Reach ConsensusBossy, Selfish & Princess Go for a Drive Through the CajasSelfish ProtestsSelfish Wonders Out Loud"But that's how Old People talk!" Bossy wailed.Bossy & Selfish Go to a Restaurant But Poor Princess Has to Stay at HomePrincess Goes to the VetPrincess Gets a VisitorBossy's Not the Only Darling in the HouseBossy Has the Strangest DreamBossy, Selfish & Princess Take a Drive to El Cajas National ParkBossy Asked a Question She Shouldn't HaveBossy's Confused Yet Again (Go Figure?)Selfish ExplainsNote: The Caption on Bossy's Dress Reads "Too Fat to Fly"Selfish Wants to KnowBossy Continues to Talk to HerselfPrincess Watching the Entire ProcedurePrincess Thinks That's Quite AppropriateSelfish Makes a SuggestionSelfish is BravePrincess Doesn't Wait for an AnswerTwo Days Later Selfish Will Have No Idea What Hit HimBossy is Speechless
Bossy ImaginesOut of the Blue Bossy Remembers Ecuador's Earthquake 2016Bossy's ConcernedSelfish Tries to be HelpfulSelfish is Too Quick to SpeakSelfish Goes Through HeckBossy Has a Restless NightPrincess Just Knows One Has to be PatientBossy's Got a Great Book!Bossy & Selfish Fold the LaundrySelfish On The AirSelfish Has a Weird DreamPrincess Sucks in Bossy Yet AgainSelfish Can't Help HimselfSelfish Wonders If It's an "Old" ThingSelfish Proves to be PrescientPrincess Feels Left Out
Princess Agrees (although she really has no idea what they're talking about)Selfish Thinks It's Amusing Princess Sherlock's Unsolved MysteryPrincess KnowsBossy & Princess DisagreeBossy's Feeling Sorry for HerselfPrincess Doesn't See the ProblemPrincess’s Only Comment is to Roll Her EyesSelfish & Princess Heartily Agree with BossyPrincess is AffrontedBossy, Selfish & Friends Indulge in Old People TalkBossy is InconsolableBossy's SickBossy (et al) Observes as Realities OverlapBossy Remembers & RemindsPrincess Has a Pet PeeveSelfish Has a Pet PeeveBossy Has a Pet Peeve TooSelfish Beams Up To the Doctor's OfficePrincess Explains She Needs Her Exercise to Keep Her Girlish FigurePrincess Gets Stressed
Bossy DreamsWho Knew That Princess...?Bossy LongsBossy Learns Chinese in EcuadorBossy et al Have Hay FeverPrincess Knows Her Own MindBossy Observes a Very Important ManNext... Selfish shouts: "Duck!"Bossy is Not AmusedSelfish Has an IdeaPrincess Goes All Surreal AgainPrincess ComplainsBossy, Selfish & Princess Do Some ContemplatingBossy's Somewhat AnxiousPrincess Knows What's Really Humorous...And Then Selfish Responded: "Hoho, hoho, hoho"Selfish Gets Attacked!Selfish LamentsDay of the Living Bossy & Selfish
Princess Deduces...Selfish is Just ExhaustedPrincess Keeps Getting DisturbedThings Bossy, Selfish & Princess Do TogetherPrincess LoathesPrincess Endeavours to Get ComfortablePrincess Likes to FlyPrincess is Grateful She Doesn't Wear PantsPrincess et al Find Themselves StressedThen Princess Wondered What They Were Laughing AboutPrincess Gets Left BehindBossy & Selfish Have a Great Holiday! (Princess Not So Much)Princess UnderstandsPrincess Feels PoopyBossy & Selfish Have Their Own Special CodeFortunately... By Morning... Bossy Felt Much BetterBossy Ponders the UniverseThe Princess Dog Wouldn't Know What To DoPrincess Has Her Own Priorities
Bossy Gets CraftySome of Princess's Favourite Things"Do We Do Valentine Cards?" Selfish AsksBossy & Selfish Take Yet Another Small HolidaySelfish's Foot HurtsSelfish's Skills Come in HandyPrincess Entreats: "Shhhhh"Bossy Gushes (Just a little...)Bossy's ConfusedGoogle Makes Bossy Reformat Dangling on a HookBossy Has a DreamBossy, Selfish & Princess TryPrincess KnowsSelfish Begs for MercyAt Least Selfish's Pacemaker is Pacing WellBossy, Selfish & Princess DreamSelfish Fights the DragonPrincess Bursts Bossy's Fantasy BubbleAt Least Selfish's Pacemaker is Pacing WellPrincess Wants to Get Into All the FunTo Which Bossy Responded with a Hearty LaughPrincess Sherlock Ponders Another MysteryBossy's ColdPrincess WorriesPrincess MusesSelfish Eventually Catches OnPrincess Pines
Princess Gets an InklingPrincess Sherlock Declares: The Game's Afoot!Selfish is Feeling Kinda PerkyPrincess Gets Another InklePrincess Starts Muttering to HerselfPrincess Continues in ConfusionPrincess Sherlock Deduces an OutcomePrincess Says "Now It Smells Right!"And Princess Continues to be Confused"I know! They're digging a tunnel!" Princess SurmisesBossy & Selfish Enjoy Their New View
Bossy & Selfish DisAgreePrincess' WardrobePrincess HatesPrincess Gets It Figured OutPrincess Was Very Good at Her Job!Princess Knows IIIBossy, Selfish & Princess Go for Yet Another Mini HolidayBossy & Selfish Have StressBossy ConfessesSelfish Gets ExcitedNot to Worry - Princess Got all Her WalksBossy's Christmased OutPrincess Wouldn't KnowPrincess Has Just About Had Enough Cheer as WellBossy & Selfish Discuss SemanticsBossy, Selfish & Princess Find Themselves Not Quite in the DarkSelfish & Princess Are Not Amused!Bossy Amazes HerselfPrincess is SupportiveSelfish RuminatesPrincess EntreatsPrincess Sherlocks Expresses Her OpinionBossy & Selfish Revert to TypeBossy, Selfish & Princess After 6 Weeks of QuarantinePrincess Makes Her Feelings Clear