Bossy Changes her Hair Style!

Bossy Gets Her Hair Cut

Kiss Me

Princess Knows...

Princess Knows It's Almost Time for "The Pack" to go for a Walk-About

Two Faced

Bossy & Selfish Go Grocery Shopping for an Hour

Princess Has No Idea What's Going On

Bossy's Almost Unconsolable

And then Bossy Laughed and Laughed and Laughed and Laughed

Bossy's a Bit Cranky because the Weather's Coolish

Bossy Feels Like She's Knocking her Head Against the Wall

Bossy Thought Maybe...

So... In the End... Bossy thought maybe she might be insulted after all...But she didn't know by whom or exactly how, so she just (you know) went to bed and tried to forget about it all.

Tribute to Vonnegut

Princess Rushes to Bossy's Defence

Princess is Conflicted

Once Again, Poor Princess is Confused

Princess Doesn't Get "It"

Bossy Thinks They Look Fabulous

Bossy is Beside Herself

Bossy Needs a Time Out

Princess Takes Advantage of the Situation

Selfish is Careful Not to Comment

Duckies at Parque Paraiso, Cuenca, Ecuador

Bossy Can Be Spontaneous

"But Why!?" Bossy Wailed. "Why!?"

Despite Being Annoyed, Bossy Still Had to Laugh