Then the Crows Leave... then they Come Back?!

Princess Sets Stipulations

Bossy Figures "It" Out

Bossy Huffs

Both Selfish & Princess Heartily Agree with Bossy (For a Change)

Selfish Almost Gets Nostalgic

And then Selfish Quietly & Soberly Advises Bossy Regarding her Problem

Princess Grumbles

Selfish Comes to His Senses

Princess Understands Even if Selfish Doesn't

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Princess Discovers She is Not a Night Dog

And Once Again, Selfish Chastises Bossy for Over Thinking

There Be Dragons

Bossy Just Wants a Quiet Day

Bossy Momentarily Frightens a Stranger

And Then Later On Selfish Suggested: "Maybe you reminded him of his ex-wife?"

Night on the Street in Cuenca

Selfish is all Civilized when he Answers Bossy Question

Bossy's Had a Bad Couple of Days

Princess Points Out the Obvious

It Never Ceases to Disturb Bossy & Selfish

It Never Ceases to Disturb Bossy & Selfish when Princess does this...... and Princess cares...not a wit...

There are Few Things Princess Likes Better

There are few things Princess likes betterthan a "free run" in a park or in the country

Representing Not a Totally Wasted Sunday Afternoon

Driving in the Back Country

The Tomebamba River

Even Princess Knows...