And Then Things Get Back to "Normal" ◔̯◔

Bossy & Selfish DisAgree


Princess' Wardrobe

Inner Workings

Princess Hates

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Princess Gets It Figured Out

Mudslide Somewhere Up the River

Princess Was Very Good at Her Job!

Things Change

Princess Knows III


Bossy, Selfish & Princess Go for Yet Another Mini Holiday

Drost - Camomille

Bossy & Selfish Have Stress

The Flow

Bossy Confesses


Selfish Gets Excited

In the Cajas, Ecuador

Not to Worry - Princess Got all Her Walks

Cuenca - Video at Cuenca's Modern Art Museum

Bossy's Christmased Out

In The Cajas

Princess Wouldn't Know

Christmas Past(s)

Princess Has Just About Had Enough Cheer as Well


Bossy & Selfish Discuss Semantics

Drost Manufactured DNA

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Find Themselves Not Quite in the Dark


Selfish & Princess Are Not Amused!

Bossy Amazes Herself


Princess is Supportive

Quantum Flow

Selfish Ruminates

Year End

Another Black Hole

Princess Sherlocks Expresses Her Opinion


Bossy & Selfish Revert to Type

In The Hills

Bossy, Selfish & Princess After 6 Weeks of Quarantine

Warring Stars

Princess Makes Her Feelings Clear