Bossy Forgets (Momentarily) How Lucky She Is

"It's 1:06" Bossy complained "...and I've been working since 9:30 this morning!"

It was shopping day and Bossy & Selfish got up, did their morning routine and then walked to the SuperMaxi to buy their groceries. They were having company the next day, so they bought some extra items plus, and the grocery bill was enough to make Selfish quake a bit.

Bossy patted him on the arm as Selfish was busy managing to elicit some sympathy from the Spanish speaking cashier. (A raised eye brow & a grin; all Gringo's are rich.).

"We got the giant dog food for Princess" Bossy explained to Selfish "...and the plastic garbage can to keep it in, and that cost $30 dollars plus $8 dollars, so it really wasn't that bad."

Bossy came close to batting her eyes at Selfish. His 'grumpiness' at the cost of groceries was an inherited trait, not so much from his parents as from their 'Dirty 30's' heritage." (Those who pray should pray that we don't see such as that again.)

Bossy & Selfish left the mall and got a taxi driver who knew where they lived (it pretty much works out that way these days) and upon arriving at their building they hauled the many bags of groceries from the trunk of the cab and then into the building's cart and then up to the apartment.

Princess was (as usual) overjoyed (!) (this is an understatement) to see them.

Selfish took Princess for her late morning walk and Bossy set out to put away the groceries and make 2 salads and a desert.

Some time later, Selfish & Princess returned, just about at the same time that Bossy had put away the last of the groceries.

"You're back early!?" Bossy remarked to Selfish.

"There was nothing going on in the park and it's hace calor" replied Selfish.

Bossy grunted.

A couple of hours later after playing on the computer & watching TV for a bit, Selfish announced it was time for his nap. Bossy was just finishing her washing up.

Bossy thought in her mind (ya, where else) that Selfish had put off his nap until she had just about finished up in the kitchen, and gave him points for the empathetic foresight.

Selfish came up to her at the kitchen sink, put his arms around her waist and gave her a hug. (A woman at a kitchen sink engenders an almost irresistible response from her mate to do this.)

Bossy complained her back was tiring (along with several other parts of her anatomy) and Selfish unhesitatingly commiserated.

Selfish then went off for his nap while Bossy finished her chores.

After that all was quiet for a while.