Bossy Gets Her Hair Cut in Ecuador

Bossy & Selfish have been in Ecuador for almost 3 years now. Selfish's Spanish is MUCH BETTER than Bossy's.

Bossy's hands twirl around her head when she tells people that it's a mind thing.

"Some people are just better at languages than others."

Bossy doesn't worry about it much. She gets by.

Bossy & Selfish have gone to get their hair cut. Bossy tells Selfish: "I want to get my hair cut first if that's OK with you?"

Selfish, being Selfish, wonders "Why?"

"I can't articulate it" Bossy told Selfish "...but it's got something to do with holding Princess while you're waiting."

Not happy with the explanation but willing to defer, Selfish reluctantly says "OK".

At the hairdressers, Bossy sits in the chair and tells the lady "poco" as she indicates her front hair "y mucho" as she indicates her back hair. Bossy then draws a straight line from the lower front of her hair, around to the back of her head.

The hairdresser then proceeds to articulate 3 minutes of "Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish....".

Bossy says, "Si", "No!", "No!" "Si."

Everyone is satisfied. The hairdresser proceeds to cut.

Selfish pipes up: "I have no idea what just happened, but you seem to be OK with it."

Bossy nods and...

In the end

Both Bossy & Selfish get a pretty good hair cut ~ $15 total (including tip).

Post Script: Native Ecuadorians would squeal and laugh at the price paid for the haircuts. "Gringo prices!" they'd chortle in Spanish, Spanish, Spanish.