Bossy Has A Bad Experience

Selfish had been out doing chores. Upon arriving home, he chattered to Bossy about his day. Bossy listened attentively until she remembered.

"A dog bit me!" she exclaimed and then pulled down her pants to show Selfish her thigh. There were several streaks of red & her upper thigh was quite bruised.

Selfish made the appropriate noises and then asked her what happened.

"I was walking down the street today with Princess" she told him. "We were going to cross the street and there was lots of traffic. I picked Princess up because I figured we'd have to scoot between the cars and then I carried her across the street. About half way across I noticed 2 dogs on the other side. I didn't think too much of it, but decided not to let Princess down until we had passed the dogs."

Aside: There are precious few dog laws in Ecuador. There are a few street dogs, which you can identify because they're filthy and very skinny. On top of that, many dogs that have homes are free to roam as they will; you can identify them because they're well fed. Occasionally a dog will snap at Princess and she'll be quickly pulled up into Bossy or Selfish's arms. That's usually the end of the situation.

Bossy took a breath and continued her story.

"We walked past the dogs and from behind me one of them came up and just bit me! I screamed 'ouch' and yelled 'It bit me!' in English and I was going to kick it but the dog ran away. I stood for awhile wondering what I could do and couldn't think of anything. Several people were looking at me but no one came up to me. It's lucky I was wearing denim pants. They weren't ripped or anything but my thigh sure hurt. Now there's a huge bruise and scratches but since he didn't break the denim I'm assuming everything's ok."

Bossy felt Selfish wasn't empathetic enough about her situation. She tried several times throughout the day to elicit a totally satisfactory response from him but although he was initially concerned, that concern rapidly turned into a kind of apathy about the whole thing. He'd just been for his yearly cancer scan and was pleased the test results were negative. In the whole scheme of competitive suffering Selfish's day trumped Bossy's.

Bossy sat down at the computer later on and looked up dog bites & rabies. Apparently you're supposed to catch the dog, take it to its owner and determine when the animal had had it's last rabies shot. Since that was not an option and since her jeans had not been breached she had to let the whole thing go. She mentally noted however, that if she came down with a fever in a couple of months, she should tell the Doctor about the incident.

The next day Bossy again showed Selfish her bruise and Selfish smiled beatifically and reiterated: "I'm cancer free!"