Bossy Reminisces

Bossy was reading a book the other day and came across the line:

"...and he guided it perfectly and effortlessly into dockside."

It conjured up a multitude of memories:

The 1,365 times the wind caught their boat Dowager and pulled her away from the dock, thus causing a landing requiring a great flinging of lines and a chorus of shouting to a myriad of souls willing to help.

The 537 times they saw someone else coming into dock less than perfect which required even more flinging of lines and the requisite chorus of shouting.

The 34 times they saw the above situation and watched some poor soul end up in the chuck (the ocean) wet & embarrassed.

The 12 times they saw a fisherman of 147 years experience, coming into dock, high powered & confident, stopping on a dime, precisely 1 1/2 centimeters away from the finger, blithely stepping ashore and smugly securing his lines.

The 3 times, Bossy & Selfish came up to the dock, confident, clear & overpoweringly positive, when Bossy stepped off Dowager onto the dock (with a ballerinas' grace) looking askance at those requesting to help, knowing all was well, before tying up with aplomb.

Etc. into quite miniscule fractions.