Bossy & Selfish Cartoons (Another Year in Ecuador)

Bossy Has Fully Acclimated Herself

Princess Mildly Complains

Bossy's Not Bossy Enough

Bossy Gets Nervous

Princess Sets Bossy & Selfish Straight

Bossy Gets Sick

Not so Tiny Dancers

Bossy's Still Sick

Bossy Finally Starts to Feel Better

Bossy's Feeling the Chill

In the Andes

Princess is Relieved

Princess is Just a Tad Cynical

Bossy Goes to the Dentist

Bossy asks Selfish to Think about Vancouver

Normal Vancouver Weather

Not Normal Vancouver Weather

Warning: Bossy Hates Meaningless Competition. It Makes Her Testy

Bossy Makes an Observation

Selfish Laughs

Bossy Notes: Princess Pretty Much Keeps Her Thoughts to Herself

This Time Selfish Laughs in Spite of Himself


Stretching One's Imagination

At Least Princess was Amused

However Princess got a Bit Grumpy

Dinghies Waiting

Secretly Princess Thinks She's the Coolest

Tomebamba River

Both Bossy & Selfish Seem Calm However

Raining Abstractions

Selfish Voices No Opinion

Princess Doesn't Agree


Princess Wants to Go Home

Even Princess was Pleased in The End

Bossy Keeps Embarrassing Herself

Note: Several weeks after the above cartoon was created, both Bossy and Selfish noticed a Poster of the President with his thumb raised. Now they're not sure if their Ecuadorian friends were pulling their legs or if it depends exactly on how one's thumb is raised.

But Afterwards, For No Reason, Bossy Felt Like Crying

Once Again... Princess is Confused

Bossy is Indignant

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Have a Cozy Evening at Home

A trip to Cuenca's Modern Art Museum ended up being just that:

"A Trip"

Both Selfish & Princess Try and Play Dumb

Princess Feels Just a Tad Insecure

In The Andes

Princess Feels Concern

Princess Questions the Sanity of Bossy & Selfish (Especially Bossy)

Reaching to the Sky Cubed

Bossy & Selfish Compare Notes

Cuenca at Night

Bossy & Selfish Come to a Compromise

First Ride

Princess Approves of the New Car

Princess Has No Doubts

Faced with Reality

Selfish Complains

Note to any Grammar Nazis out there: the "we're" in the first sentence was deliberate. A very subtle play on words.

(Or perhaps a typo the author was too lazy to fix?)

Selfish Doesn't Think It's Funny

Selfish Doesn't Necessarily Agree

The Mother Tree

Bossy Puts her Pretty Little Foot Down

Twisted Crow

Bossy Poses an Unanswerable Question

Brain Synapses

Princess is Trepidatious

Facing Life Head On

Bossy is Cranky Yet Again

Music on My Mind

Selfish Reassures

Bossy Points Something Out

Selfish Asks Bossy if She ever Misses Canadian Winter