Bossy & Selfish Cartoons (After Year Two)

Bossy's Got a Habit

Bossy's Disgruntled

Bossy says, "That's it!"

Bossy Imparts a TidBit of Information

Selfish Gets Off the Hook

Black Bamboo

Bossy Wins

Selfish Agrees

Selfish Responds Mildly


Majestic Mushroom

Bossy is Chastened

Chaos is a Friend of Mine

Bossy Reminisces

Bossy Loses Her Mind

There's Just No Pleasing Bossy

Mrs. Crow

Princess Thinks That's Wise

Bossy Laughed & Laughed & Laughed

Bossy Purrs

Bossy & Selfish Evenly Allocate Worries

Bossy Complains

Selfish Makes Bossy Laugh

Mr. & Mrs. Crow

Bossy & Selfish Display Co-Dependence (Not)

Trippy Dowager

Selfish is Very Close to Speechless Once Again

Princess Conjectures

In Vilcabamba

Bossy says: "It's a conspiracy of one."

Bossy Lets Off Steam

Princess Hurts Her Foot

Bossy Shows Off

Bossy Continues to be Somewhat Cranky

In Desolation, British Columbia, Canada

Princess Has a Problem

Princess Has an Opinion

In the Forest

Selfish is Grumpy

Bossy Laments Space

Heart of Darkness

Bossy, Selfish & Princess on a Sunday Drive

Selfish Objects & Bossy Amends her Statement

Bossy is Contrite

Princess May be Smarter Than Bossy & Selfish Think

And Then Selfish Laughed & Laughed & Laughed

Princess' Belief System

Princess is Not Fond of Bath Day

Bossy Quits Facebook

Psycho Caterpillar

Princess Doesn't Have a Problem

Princess Questions Authority

Land's Ocean

Bossy & Selfish Need a Haircut