Bossy & Selfish Cartoons (Year Two)

Bossy Wonders Again

Selfish Declines to Answer

Bossy Finally Gives In

Bossy & Selfish Launch the Bug

Bossy Worries Too Much

Bossy's In Trouble Again

Selfish Manages to Respond Respectfully

Bossy Worries Some More

This Time, Princess is Confused

Bossy Resists

Bossy, Selfish & Princess All Have a Bad Day

Bossy et al Are Bugged

Selfish Explains

Bossy Reasons

Selfish Hopes

Bossy Gets Grumpy

Bossy & Selfish Go to the Park

Selfish is Brutally Honest

Princess' Pillows of Pout

Selfish Seeks a Definition

Bossy is Concerned

Bossy Hoards

Bossy Continues to Hate Cars

Bossy Advises She's an Artist not a Scientist

Has Bossy Mentioned she Hates Cars?

Bossy Spots Irony Once Again

Bossy Thinks Out Loud

Selfish Has to Ask

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Princess is Traumatized

PS:- No one was hurt and nothing of real value was taken... but still..

Bossy Does the Ecuador Countdown

Selfish Comforts

Selfish Talks to the Traffic

Bossy Says: "Dios Mio!"

Bossy Misses the Boat

Bossy Asks

Bridge to NoWhere

Selfish is Speechless

Bossy Doesn't Miss Wearing Four Pairs of Socks

Bossy Marvels

Art on the Floor

Granville & Burrard Street Bridges

Near the Sky

Princess Gets Surreal

Selfish & Princess Both Think: "Oh Oh!"