Bossy & Selfish Communicate

Bossy & Selfish are at the grocery store. Bossy has two packages of salad, each package containing two salads.

Selfish asks: "Why so much salad?"

"Well" Bossy answers "We're going to have trout tonight and lasagna later on this week...." then she petered out, did a swift turn and returned one of the packages of salad to the display counter.

"You know..." Selfish told her when she returned. "When you make salad. It's too much for me. It'd be fine if you only made half as much." He paused. "Then you wouldn't need so much salad."

Bossy rolled her eyes. She'd already returned one of the packages to the display.

Selfish continued: "We're talking about it now. What are we going to do?"

Bossy made a face.

Selfish continued some more: "We're discussing it now and we're going to compromise and do it your way, aren't we?"

Bossy said "yes" and wandered away to look at a display of bran bars she had no intention of buying.


Later on, laying in bed together having one of their 3 cozies of the day, Bossy explained to Selfish that what they bought were packaged salads with sometimes croutons or little tomatoes and/or cheese & salad dressing, etc. and to save a bit for later was very difficult.

"I didn't have the wherewithal to explain it to you in the store" Bossy elucidated.

Selfish said he understood.

Bossy felt compelled to expound further.

This time with a sigh, Selfish said: "I understand!"

And that was the end.

At least for now.