Bossy & Selfish Get a New(ish) Computer

Bossy & Selfish Get a New (to them) Computer

First Bossy Complained and then She Laughed and Laughed and Laughed

Now That Would Be a Baleful Look

Bossy Makes an Observation

Oops: Depending on your internet connection, it may take a moment for the top part of the below to start animating. Additionally, the dialogue got (more than) a bit blurry for this one, thus it is reproduced underneath.

Bossy: So... It doesn't matter where you are, at the boat dock in Vancouver or here in Ecuador, if several men are moving anything that weighs more than 500 pounds, it is always accompanied by lots of shouting.

Selfish: Yeah, it's probably true even on the moon.

Princess: I get scared when the tall ones shout.

Aside: Poor Princess ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯

Princess Feels Just a Tad Superior

What a Surprise! Bossy is Railing Again...

Bossy Rambles On (Just a Bit...)

Will Bossy Never Stop Complaining about Something?!

Bossy's Almost Homesick

Parque Paraiso, Cuenca, Ecuador

Princess Isn't Sure She Shouldn't Be Jealous

Bossy Gets Confused in Cross Culture

Once Again Bossy Rejoices at Ecuadorian Winter

Ramses' Garden Patio in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Princess Has a Point


Princess is Just a Tad Concerned

Fool on a Hill

Turns Out Even Princess is a Bit Cynical

Princess's Job Gets Harder when the Lights Go Out

Bossy, Selfish & Princess are Out & About Enjoying Ecuador

Both Bossy & Selfish at Least Try to be Helpful

Bossy & Princess Are in Agreement

Ecuadorian Inuksuk

Bossy Displays Canadian Humour

Too Many Appendages

Bossy & Selfish Don't Necessarily Agree with Princess's Definition of Roughing It


Princess Seizes on the Obvious

Princess Has Other Priorities

Bossy Observes

Bossy Lovingly Mocks Selfish

Princess is Blah about Spring

Selfish is Indulgent While Princess is Indignant

Princess Jumps the Gun

Selfish Can't Believe "It"

Once Again Bossy Puts Her Pretty Little Foot Down

Princess Just Does Not Have a Multi-Dimensional Thought Process

Even Princess Had to Roll Her Eyes

What Bossy & Selfish Imagine their Children Do Every Year Around Lunar New Year

Bossy Gushes

Selfish Provides Advice

Selfish Annoys Princess

Selfish Feels Remarkably Frisky

Princess has a Bit of a Hard Time with Sarcasm

Selfish has to Reassure Bossy

Bossy Continues on an Old Rant

Bossy Lets Her Mind Wander

Selfish Attempts to Murder Bossy

West Coast Canada Rainforest Boogie

Bossy Makes an Observation

Princess is Grateful

Selfish Bowls Bossy Over

"But..." Princess thought... "She did have a rather nice lap"

Efficient Ways to Make Princesses Happy