Bossy & Selfish Love Despite

Bossy & Selfish were sitting at a restaurant with another couple they'd just met. Everyone was being on their best behaviour and chatting nicely, getting to know each other a little better.

Suddenly Selfish spoke up and complained that Bossy had gotten a bun crumb into his section of the tablecloth.

With no regard to circumstances, Bossy immediately picked up her bun and shook it over Selfish's section of the table, spreading crumbs quite liberally.

The other couple looked on in astonishment and then both of them started to laugh; a good laugh; a great laugh.

Bossy looked up and explained: "I have to do things like this or he'd run roughshod over me all the time!"

Selfish, now laughing too piped up: "Oh yes, Bossy's wonderful!"

Bossy agreed.