Bossy, Selfish & Princess Go On Yet Another Small Holiday


Bossy, Selfish & Princess are on holiday in a small City named Chordeleg, in Ecuador. Chordeleg is famous for its many shops of filigree jewellery in gold and silver and what-have-they. After a day and a half of walking about the town and taking a car ride or two into the hinterland, Bossy, Selfish & Princess settle in their Hostal room for a couple of hours of rest time.

"Oh crap!" Bossy exclaims.

Selfish sighs and asks "What?!"

"I left the camera in the car." Bossy admits.

Selfish sighs again and says he's off to go get it. Bossy offers to go herself but Selfish martyrs himself knowing that the flight of stairs in their Hostal is hard for Bossy who is still dealing with sciatica.

Some small time later Bossy asks "Did you hand me the camera without its case?"

You see Bossy wanted the camera to process the multiple photos she'd taken that day on their small holiday, but the memory card she needed was in a small pocket in the case.

After a fair amount of fussing around, Selfish leaves the room again on a quest to find the case, speaking over his shoulder on his way out: "You'd better not find that case while I'm out!"

Bossy didn't. Selfish did, just outside the door of the car.


Bossy, Selfish & Princess are on holiday in a small City named Chordeleg. It's 7 pm at night. They've been dressed in their cozies for a couple of hours and are watching some TV shows on their computer.

There's a knock at the door.

A woman, of an older but indeterminate age - somebody's Grandma - rattles Spanish off too fast for Selfish to understand. In frustration, she leads Selfish down to the lobby and shows him where the keys to the Hostal are kept. Then… she leaves.

Bossy and Selfish discuss what would be the right thing to do, now that they are the only sentient beings left in the Hostal. They do not come to a consensus.

At that point Selfish sits himself down in a semi-comfortable chair in the lobby and Bossy & Princess go back to their room to wonder and wait.

Selfish eventually comes to the conclusion that the lady was the night caretaker and needed to leave on an errand and wanted to let Bossy & Selfish know that she would be locking the front door so they wouldn't be able to leave until she got back. Because of the confusion, she decided to leave without locking the Lobby door.

After sitting in the Lobby for some time, then coming up to the room and watching another show, then more sitting in the Lobby, the woman came back.


Bossy, Selfish & Princess are on holiday in a small City named Chordeleg, in Ecuador. They’re about to head home.

First, at 7AM, (Bossy & Selfish are early risers) Princess had to be walked. Selfish took Princess down to the Lobby and headed out - but the door was locked. He sought the key where the Night Lady had showed him they kept it, but it wasn’t there. Then he “Hola-ed!” quite loudly, several times, and eventually the Night Lady came down the stairs wearing a pair of pyjamas and let Selfish & Princess out.

Meanwhile, Bossy was busy upstairs packing. By the time Selfish & Princess got back she was pretty much ready for them to go. So - down to the Lobby again and all three sat in chairs until the Night Lady showed up in regular clothes. She indicated to them that the man who could take their money for their stay would be coming in about 15 minutes. So… they packed the car, and went back to the Lobby to wait again for much longer than 15 minutes.

“I think 15 minutes in Ecuador is somewhat like Manana” Bossy commented to Selfish. “It means, sometime in the future.”

Selfish wryly smiled at Bossy and they continued to wait until, in the end, the Night Lady came down and said their stay would be $70 - which was what Selfish & the Day Manager had negotiated in the beginning.

So… (again) they paid the lady and were on their way. Thus ended another Bossy, Selfish & Princess holiday.

Oh… they ate cool food, saw cool things and thoroughly enjoyed their entire stay away, but as always, were very happy to get home as well.

As they were unpacking the trunk of the car and in the process of taking all their stuff up to their apartment, Selfish did enquire: “Do you have the camera!”

Bossy considered pulling his leg, but instead leaned over the stuff they were carrying and gave him a kiss. “Of course I do!”