Ecuador is Now Home for Bossy, Selfish & (of course) Princess

Bossy Imagines

Ant Feast

Out of the Blue Bossy Remembers Ecuador's Earthquake 2016

Murder of Crows

Bossy's Concerned

With a Third Eye

Selfish Tries to be Helpful

Trying to Palm it Off

Selfish is Too Quick to Speak

Sunflowers in a Vase

Selfish Goes Through Heck

Always Sailing Towards the Horizon

Bossy Has a Restless Night

Just Restless

Princess Just Knows One Has to be Patient

Emoji Bloom
Simply a Ripple in Time

Faced with Indecision

Bossy's Got a Great Book!

Bossy & Selfish Fold the Laundry


Growing Wild

Selfish On The Air

Multi Faceted

Selfish Has a Weird Dream

Princess Sucks in Bossy Yet Again

Selfish Can't Help Himself

Selfish Wonders If It's an "Old" Thing

Selfish Proves to be Prescient

Princess Feels Left Out