Google Makes Bossy Reformat Dangling on a Hook

Google Makes Bossy Reformat Dangling on a Hook

Escher Gravity Droste

Princess Deduces...

Putting Her Best Face Forward

Selfish is Just Exhausted


Princess Keeps Getting Disturbed

Fred, Bossy & Selfish's Pet Tree, seems to be going through an awkward stage.

Things Bossy, Selfish & Princess Do Together

Princess Loathes

Drost Black Bird

Princess Endeavours to Get Comfortable

Three's a Crowd

Princess Likes to Fly

Purdy Flowers

Princess is Grateful She Doesn't Wear Pants

Way Too Busy

Princess et al Find Themselves Stressed

Ready to Boogie

Then Princess Wondered What They Were Laughing About

Foliage in the Cajas

Princess Gets Left Behind


Bossy & Selfish Have a Great Holiday! (Princess Not So Much)

Princess Understands

Raining in the Cajas

Princess Feels Poopy

Deep Visual

Bossy & Selfish Have Their Own Special Code


Fortunately... By Morning... Bossy Felt Much Better

Good Lines

Bossy Ponders the Universe


The Princess Dog Wouldn't Know What To Do

In The Cajas

Princess Has Her Own Priorities

Gravitational Waves