OK... Bossy's Got Freaking Sciatica...Now What?

Bossy Dreams

Who Knew That Princess...?

Who Knew That Princess (or for that matter any dog) could blow a raspberry at exactly the same time as Bossy...?

Bossy Longs

Bossy Learns Chinese in Ecuador

Bossy et al Have Hay Fever

Breaking Blossoms


Rainy Rainy Day

The Fisherman's Wife

Floating in Serenity

Princess Knows Her Own Mind

Bossy Observes a Very Important Man

Next... Selfish shouts: "Duck!"

Because of the high altitude of Cuenca, Ecuador, one must process dried beans through a pressure cooker to soften them up first. After that, one can throw them into a slow cooker with other goodies -- provided one is still functioning, however.


Bossy is Not Amused

Selfish Has an Idea

Princess Goes All Surreal Again

Princess Complains

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Do Some Contemplating

Bossy's Somewhat Anxious

Princess Knows What's Really Humorous

...And Then Selfish Responded: "Hoho, hoho, hoho"

In case it's not clear, the container says: Bawdy Soap and Bossy's dress reads: Down with the System

Selfish Gets Attacked!

Selfish Laments



Spring in the Andes

Slow Burn

Indigenous Woman and her Cows


Too Tired



Gulf Islands

British Columbia, Canada

Inside Joke: Fred Parties

Avenida Loja, Cuenca

Day of the Living Bossy & Selfish