Princess Gets a Face!

Princess Shares Her Feelings

Do you ever have the feeling that today is just going to be murder

Selfish Requires Some Technical Advice

Princess Doesn't See Anything Funny but Just Might be a Bit Weirded Out

Princess Isn't Fooling Anybody

Dusk in the Andes

West Coast Canada

Selfish Makes a Crack

Bossy Only Smiles Enigmatically

Selfish & Princess Work Really Hard Not to Roll their Eyes

Bossy Trips

Oceans' Anger

Princess Simply Does Not Like Puppy Eating Dragons

Bossy & Selfish Joke Compare Canada & Ecuador

#DeepDream Vancouver, B.C. at Dusk

Bossy Takes a Selfie

Bossy & Selfish Spy on Princess

#DeepDreamIn the Oriente, Ecuador

Then Bossy Laughed so Hard she Choked

And then Bossy Watched the Man Actually Shudder

Princess Isn’t Taking Any Bets

Bossy & Selfish Stop Off at Feria Libre

"What a Coincidence!" Selfish agrees.

In The End, Bossy Had to Draw a Diagram

#DeepDream Granville & Burrard Bridges, False Creek, Vancouver, B.C.

Beauty Almost Hidden

Selfish Has a Dream Come True

And What Could Bossy Do, but Laugh Some More?

Bossy Makes a Request

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Reach Consensus

Caution: Don't misunderstand -- everyone had a lovely time-out and quite enjoyed most of it.

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Go for a Drive Through the Cajas

Selfish Protests

Selfish Wonders Out Loud

I'd rather be a free man in my grave Than living as a puppet or a slave ~ Jimmy Cliff #quote

"But that's how Old People talk!" Bossy wailed.

Bossy & Selfish Go to a Restaurant But Poor Princess Has to Stay at Home

Sailing at Midnight

Princess Goes to the Vet

Fraser River, Richmond, B.C. Canada

Princess Gets a Visitor

Bossy's Not the Only Darling in the House

Bossy Has the Strangest Dream

Bossy, Selfish & Princess Take a Drive to El Cajas National Park

This is the Song that Never Ends

Parque Paraiso, Cuenca, Ecuador

Bossy Asked a Question She Shouldn't Have

Bossy's Confused Yet Again (Go Figure?)

Dowager at Anchor

#DeepDreamParque Calderon, Cuenca Ecuador

Selfish Explains

Note: The Caption on Bossy's Dress Reads "Too Fat to Fly"

Further Note: The below tells a tale, starting with: Selfish went to the Doctor...

and then continues...

...wait for it.

No Way Out

Selfish Wants to Know

Tribute to: In the Heart of the Sea

Bossy Continues to Talk to Herself

Princess Watching the Entire Procedure

Ethereal Dancers

Princess Thinks That's Quite Appropriate

#DeepDream Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Selfish Makes a Suggestion

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Selfish is Brave

Princess Doesn't Wait for an Answer

Graffiti TreeParque Paraiso, Cuenca, Ecuador

Two Days Later Selfish Will Have No Idea What Hit Him

Bossy is Speechless