Princess Has a Problem

Bossy & Selfish had been putting the "back of the neck" flea treatment on Princess on a regular basis but it only seemed to last a couple of weeks instead of a full month as advertised. Now Princess, despite her name, is a real trooper. She's not just an indoor fifi apartment dog. She's out pounding the pavement on a long human walk every day and to the park in the neighbourhood a couple of times a day to play with the young children and neighbourhood dogs. She's an egalitarian Princess. Ecuador is a dusty country and Princess has truly beautiful long hair but it gets pretty dirty by the end of the week, so she regularly gets a bath every weekend. Perhaps this is why the treatment didn't work; perhaps Ecuador simply has super fleas.

In any case, Bossy & Selfish were worried about over treating Princess and asked the Veterinarian what they could do. The Vet advised they try this "super" treatment that purportedly would last 3 to 5 months.

Her skin had to have its natural oils present for the treatment to work, so Bossy & Selfish had to wait for about 4 days after Princess' weekly bath. Then, they had to wait another 4 days before her next bath. They were all hopeful, Bossy, Selfish & Princess, that the treatment would be something that worked. The night of the fourth day they went to bed expecting to give Princess her bath the next morning.

Princess, dirty dog that she was at that point, could not leave herself alone. She was scratching & biting & itching & rolling over & getting up & coming back to bed & scratching & biting & itching. (Hmm...bitching?)

Bossy said to herself, "Huh" knowing Princess didn't have any fleas and rolled over and went to sleep.

At 3:30 in the morning, Selfish shook Bossy awake.

"I think Princess needs a bath" Selfish told her.

Bossy once again thought "Huh" and tried to drift off again.

Selfish spoke a bit louder: "I think the treatment is making her itchy. I think she needs a bath."

Bossy thought "Huh" once again in that wanton sleep filled way and rolled over towards Selfish and forced 11 slurred words out of her mouth: "I don't really feel like getting out of bed right now."

Selfish grunted & groaned & grumbled, sat up in bed and grabbed Princess. The next thing Bossy heard was the blow dryer blowing in the kitchen.

The next morning, Princess was all soft & fluffy & a happy dog and Selfish was grumpy & unrepentant & tired.

Bossy laughed at his grumping & jollied him through the day, telling everyone who would listen the story.

Selfish merely smiled & false grumped some more.