Princess is Confused Again

Bossy was in the kitchen tidying up in the morning. She was emptying the dish rack and putting the plates away and the silverware into the drawer. Princess was actively watching her, as Princess always does to anyone who is in the kitchen. Selfish was in the adjacent front room watching the morning news.

"Princess?!" Bossy asked. "Did you put away the silverware last time?"

The knives & forks & spoons were hilly nilly in the lovely plastic silverware container. They were not stacked neatly, held by the plastic shape of a fork or spoon, but merely near or crosswise the appropriate slot.

Unsurprisingly Princess didn't answer, but Selfish popped his head up from the TV and said "Huh?"

"Oh nothing" Bossy told him and again accused Princess of not doing a very good job of putting away the silverware the last time.

Everyone's day went on. Princess got several walks, chores were done, perhaps purchases were made, perhaps people were visited. Certainly the television was watched and the computer & internet consulted several times, certainly Selfish had a nap and the whole family had a couple of cozies and by-and-by it was time for dinner.

Bossy & Selfish & Princess were all in the kitchen. Bossy was annoyed with Selfish. It doesn't matter what Bossy was annoyed about. It wasn't serious and wouldn't be remembered in an hour or a day but at the time Bossy was expressing her annoyance. Princess looked on, aghast that anyone would have the audacity to express annoyance with the Alpha-Male.

Selfish took his scolding with good humour until he had had enough. At that point, he walked over to the silverware drawer, opened it and proceeded to make a loud mess out of the placement of the knives & forks & spoons.

Bossy laughed a huge, cleansing, hearty, loving laugh.

Princess got even more confused.

Graphic inspired by: Angelo Plessas