Selfish Complains About Being Too Busy

It's been an awfully busy few weeks. Bossy & Selfish have gone to the dentist (Selfish 3 times). Selfish has gone to the Doctor 4 times (or maybe more). They've gone for car rides with friends, and eaten dinner and lunch out several times. Selfish has wandered around town trying to get all the paper work necessary to get a drivers' license in Ecuador. This has so far involved 4 trips and he hasn't even taken the classes yet. One of the kids is mad at Bossy & Selfish and that involved 2 days of angst before they saw a reasonable perspective and just "let it go". People came and went from out-of-town for a week & to top it all off it's tax time (Bossy's favourite time of the year ~ NOT). And now, even though it's March, they still haven't had their mini-holiday which they had planned for January.

"I'm having an anxiety attack" Selfish told Bossy during one of their 3 times daily cozies.

"Oh why Selfish!?" Bossy asked full of concern, wondering if he was worried about the Doctor appointments.

"We're too busy" Selfish explained. "We're retired. I like it when we get up in the morning and go for a walk with Princess and then come home and eat lunch and then I have a nap and then I play on the computer for a while and then I take Princess for another walk and then we eat supper and then it's the end of the day. If I wanted to be this busy, I'd go back to work. At least they pay me for that!"

Bossy laughed and hugged Selfish just a tiny bit harder. Then they got up to do their chores for yet another day.