Bossy & Selfish on Dowager

On a boat there are no secrets, no strangers, no places to hide. Stress levels can reach gargantuan proportions when confronting the possibility of sinking or bumping through a storm or simply when seeking your own spot after a long hard day.

Personality traits are magnified under the focus of small quarters.

Mutiny is always imminent.


Cast of Characters

in Alphabetical Order


Bossy, Somewhat Mature Autonomous Female

Brando, Too Serious about Mature Not Sure about Autonomous Male

Dowager, Very Mature Very Autonomous 1931 Classic Vessel

Hendritch, Impossibly Mature Autonomous Male

HerShe, Unconcerned about Mature Totally Autonomous Female Cat

Hrumph, Oblivious to Mature Absolutely Autonomous Male

Kriss, Almost Silly about Mature & Autonomous Norwegian Male Artist

Loud, Immature Autonomous Female

Mr Plineart, Sees Mature as Illogical & Autonomous as a Given Adult Male

Selfish, Sometimes Mature Autonomous Male

Smirk, Avoiding Mature Autonomous Male

Solid, Often Mature Autonomous Female

Stupid, Not the Least Bit Mature Autonomous Male Dog