"If I have to work! You have to work!" Bossy declares

Selfish has been putting in a lot of overtime

He's finally gotten two whole days in a row off work

He wants to lie on the settee

And read his book all day

Both days

Bossy has ants in her pants

A compromise is negotiated

"Remember when we first met and you talked about how you wanted the boat to look?" Bossy asks out of the blue.

Selfish groans.

"Remember how upset you were when we spent all that money getting that guy to work on the hull and then it turned out he didn't know what he was doing, didn't care and did everything wrong!? Remember!?"

Selfish carefully puts his book down on the table and covers his eyes with the back of his hand and wrist.

Bossy begins to whistle(1).

Selfish moans again, loud and long.

Bossy remembers hearing similar noises when tramping through the Northern British Columbia woods as a child. She thinks it might be a Bull Moose mating call but it's been awhile. She's not sure. She stops whistling and merely smiles.

Selfish reaches over with his arm, slips his hand into Bossy's and begins fluttering his eyelashes.

Bossy pats Selfish's hand. "Two hours," she says, "I promise!" She leans over and puts a neat check mark in a small book.

Selfish laughs as pulls himself off the settee.

"Don't forget to put on your work cloths!" Bossy shouts at his retreating back.

Selfish moans.

Bossy pretends not to hear.

(1) It is purported to bring up storms if you whistle on a boat. "Whistling up the Wind".