Bossy Can't Let Go

Squirrel Cove, Desolation Sound, Boxing Day

Dowager's bursting with Bossy & Selfish & Loud & Solid & Smirk & Stupid

Everyone's at the shore

It took two trips in the dinghy

Everyone's had a rope swing over the icy cold winter waters

Except Bossy & Stupid

"Come on Bossy! Try it! It's your turn Bossy! You'll regret it if you don't. Give it a try. Just once!"

Everyone encouraged Bossy to "have fun" in their own special way. Even Selfish has gone for a swing.

It took Bossy ten minutes to talk him into it.

During the summer you can hear the squeal of people swinging themselves out over the water and the poosht when they hit the water all day. Bossy had enjoyed the rope swing in the summer. But now she saw herself hitting the water, weighted down by her winter coat, boots, hat and gloves. She could quite clearly see herself sinking to the bottom and hated the thought of then enduring the miserable dinghy ride back to Dowager. She'd be cold all night!

"Come on Bossy! If you're going to do it, do it now or I'll take another turn" Smirk stood high up on the bank holding the rope and smirked down at Bossy.

"OK OK" Bossy started up the bank. "But if I fall into the water you've all got to promise to come and save me!"

There was a very enthusiastic chorus of assurance. Stupid started barking.

Solid started giving instructions to Loud about what to do first when Bossy fell in. Loud ignored her and yelled at Stupid. Stupid barked. Smirk held out the rope, waving it back and forth, making superman-swishing noises with his vocal chords. Selfish clapped his gloved hands laughing and voicing encouraging calm reassurance.

Bossy reached the rope and curtly waved Smirk out of the way. Smirk moved down the bank jeering. She turned around on the ledge created by the roots of a tree, the ground tramped down between the roots by the mostly bare feet that had used it's purchase over the years. She grabbed the rope higher and looked out over the water.

"Come on Bossy! Don't chicken out!"

Bossy gave a pull on the rope, took a big breath and leapt out into the abyss. She went up out over the water all the way to the sun and for a moment time stopped, and then she swung back to the bank and found her feet again.

Everyone cheered! Stupid started running around in circles barking. There was general pandemonium.

"Go again Bossy!" "It's my turn!" "Well done!" "I didn't think she'd do it!?" "Isn't it neat!" "Bark Bark Bark Yelp" (as Stupid slips on the bank).

"I broke my finger." Bossy looks out somewhat vacantly at everyone.


"I broke my finger" Bossy lets go of the rope and holds up her gloved hand. "I held on so tight, I broke my finger!?"

Everyone started up the bank, even Stupid.