Bossy Gets Off the Hook

It's February 14th

After making a very big deal about getting cards for Special Occasions

Selfish forgot what day it was

"Morning Selfish", Bossy stands by the bed, a warm cup of latte coffee steaming in her hand, a large red envelope partially hidden behind her back.

"You're in a good mood" Selfish comments sitting up in bed, a warm smile on his face, reaching out for the cup of coffee in Bossy's hand.

Handing the coffee over Bossy then whips the card from around her back and puts on her Aren't-I-Sweet Face holding it out towards Selfish.

Selfish looks stricken. Bossy "knows" immediately.

"You forgot! You didn't get me a card!" Bossy pokes her finger at Selfish. "Do you have any idea what this means?!"

Selfish starts explaining. Relates to her endless confusion and barriers caused by rotating shifts and intentions thwarted.

"Oh no!" Bossy interrupts Selfish. "I'm off the hook! This means I am no longer under any obligation to feel any guilt about getting you a card any time for any occasion, ever again!"

Bossy is glowing. She was very put out when Selfish didn't appreciate her home made cards and the multitude of other gestures of appreciation that she felt flowed from her on a constant and everyday basis. She resented the artificial necessity of the card purchase but endured the ritual because it seemed to mean so much to Selfish. She scurried to the table and began writing something in a little notebook.

"What are you doing?" asked Selfish.

"Here. Sign here Selfish. Here". Bossy points to a line drawn across the bottom of the page and reads her words out loud. "I Selfish acknowledge that Bossy never ever has to get me a card ever again."

Selfish signed but he disguised his handwriting.