Bossy Looks for Work

Bossy's been out of work for over four months

Bossy & Selfish don't have holes in their socks


The Fun has really started going out of

Looking for work

"Don't lecture me. Don't get mad" Bossy stops Selfish paging through his Marine magazine. "Ok Selfish?" pleads Bossy.

"Yee-es. OK" replies Selfish very reluctantly peeking back at his page.

"I did a bunch of cold calls today", Bossy hangs her head, "And it didn't go well, so…" Bossy drags her toe across the floor.

"Yee-es," asks Selfish with an increasing curiosity.

"So…when I was finished. I went to the library and went onto the net…"

"Yes" Selfish is now impatient.

"And ordered a bunch of free stuff!"

Selfish thinks for a three beat and then laughs. "What did you get?"

"A T-shirt, some cosmetics and jelly beans!" replied Bossy quite pleased with herself.