Bossy Looks for Work Yet Again


This ad DOES NOT contain or imply anything pornographic.

Perception to the contrary is totally in the mind of the reader.


Available by appointment 7 days a week

Vancouver, BC Canada

• Yard work, painting, shopping, housework, cooking, budgeting

• Basic instruction on computer programs (Word, Excel, Internet, etc)

• Assistance in completion of forms (CCRA, CPP, OAS, ETC)

• Typing or proofing manuscripts or what have you

• English language practice

• Walking your dog, feeding your cat, watering your lawn or house plants, sitting your house or boat

• Care or companionship for babies, young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly

• Have valid drivers license but no vehicle

Professional and family references available.

Please be prepared to advise up front what "job" is worth to you!

"Here! Look at this!"

Bossy waves a sheaf of paper under Selfish's not insubstantial nose.

Selfish continues reading.

"Selfish! How can you ignore me when I'm making such a racket?" Bossy asks.

Selfish continues reading.

"Selfish!" Bossy waves sheaf louder.

Selfish gapes up from his book with a glazed questioning look, "Ah…what?" he asks.

"Look at this!"

Bossy puts sheaf down and stands back, pointing to the first line. "Read it! Do you think I'll get any callers?"

Selfish glances at sheaf of paper, looks at Bossy, looks at his book, picks up book and flaps it, indicating he's only got three pages to read before he's finished and then looks down again, "Worth a try I guess" he mumbles, surreptitiously reading his book out of the corner of his eye.

"I'm going to put them up around the neighbourhood" Bossy bubbles. "If I can pick up some money this way don't you think it would be a good idea!? I've got loads of experience being a Daughter & a Mother & even a Grandmother and nobody disputes that! I've only got 36 years of working experience so I guess that's why I get treated like I fell off the turnip truck yesterday. Good grief! The up-and-comers have started explaining chronological order and control alt delete to me. I can't stand it. It's driving me nuts! Maybe I should try and make money using my other experiences? What do you think?"

Selfish turns a page of his book.

Bossy sighs "La" and leaves quietly.

Five minutes later Selfish asks, "What's this?"

Bossy ignores him.